Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Aries Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is a 9. Cardinal signs generally motivate and stimulate those born under the Fixed signs, and the elements match.

Uranus, the co-ruler of an Aquarius Woman, tends to excite Mars, the planet of an Aries Man, and his warmth and innocence are a good match for your individualistic nature.

The Elements

Air vs. Fire - The Air and Fire elements almost always get along, although sometimes his need for undivided attention may be too demanding at times. This is especially true in social situations. But his fiery passions tend to make up for his occasional lack of consideration.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Cardinal - An Aquarius Woman is almost never a follower, but your Aries Man is always trying to be a leader. Yet the unconventional and spontaneous nature of Aquarius doesn't mind the excitement he brings into the relationship; you'll never bore him as other fixed signs tend to do.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Mars & The Sun - The quirky and non-conformist Uranus is the co-ruler of your sign, and well matched with Mars, but your Saturn side will stop him in his tracks if he becomes to reckless in his behavior. He always puts himself first, but this aspect of his exalted Sun also is capable of tremendous attentiveness and warmth.

Love and Romance

You tend to believe that love begins with friendship, and because of this, you may think that he is coming on too strong. But if there's anyone who can charm his sense of adventure into letting a romance develop in its own time, it's you. The physical chemistry between you is naturally strong, but you know that it's not the same thing, and so does he. He's always looking for devotion in a mate, and has an innate sense that he can trust you, but sometimes he may interpret your detachment from the immediate situation as a lack of attention; with a little reassurance on a regular basis, he'll know how devoted you are, and return this devotion in his sentimental and passionate way.

The Keys to Success

Talk about the difference between friendship and love.

Because you find something interesting or even exciting about everyone, you may sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between friendship and love. He doesn't have this problem, and it would be good to remind him, every once and a while, that your friends are just friends and that he is someone you really love.

Avoid dropping bombs without warning.

He is likely to be quite shocked and surprised when you declare your intentions, because you are almost never bashful, and once you've found what you want in him, you will let him know, probably when he's unprepared for a change of situation. You should remember that he does not like surprises, and almost always initiates his relationships. When you're ready to "kick things up a notch", give him some kind of hint or warning, or give him an obvious opening that lets him take part in it; he'll feel like he's the one doing the kicking.

Be there for him when he falls.

His ambition and endless energy cause him to be impulsive, and from time to time, he'll overreach and fall, or plunge headfirst into a disappointing misadventure. This is when he needs you the most. When he's filled to the brim with the thrill of victory, make sure to share in his happiness, but if you show your love for him when he's down, this will reassure him of the devotion he craves, and his passion will never fade.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Aries Man compatibility = 90%.

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