Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Cancer Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 4. The elements and qualities don't agree with one another, and the planets are antagonistic.

If you're willing to live in a less open and spontaneous way and work hard, you can eventually achieve a 6.

The Elements

Air vs. Water - Air and Water are antagonistic to one another in this case, because the Qualities and planets are in disagreement with one another. Cancer's way of caring for you might be a bit overwhelming.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Cardinal - Your fun and freedom loving nature would be hard for you to change, because Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign and wants to lead or be in charge. It's a difficult combination to try to reconcile.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. the Moon & Jupiter - Saturn and the Moon are generally considered to be opposites in nature and may grate harshly on Cancer's tender emotions. Uranus is your co-ruler, and is full of shocks and surprises that can upset his emotional rhythms. His exalted planet, Jupiter, is antagonistic to Saturn, but can be quite lucky for Uranus.

Love and Romance

You may find the Cancer Man to be a little hard to follow, or it may be the other way around. It's likely that you'll be mutually attracted physically, but definitely won't like his tendency to become bossy, or his nostalgia about the past. You know that Aquarians aren't as scatterbrained as some astrology book try to picture them. You might have some progressive viewpoints and take an unconventional approach toward things, but that's because you need room for your flashes of insight, and friends who really understand you. Cancer Men are usually somewhat conventional in their approach to things, and even those who are in the creative arts are very strict about money matters. They are interested in solid relationships that they can come home to, and would rather not attract undue attention. They would rather not have their secrets brought out into the open, and value material and emotional security even more than their privacy. They might consider your verbal flights of imagination foolish, even though they are imaginative themselves. Cancer Men dislike surprises, but they do like a lot of attention; possibly more than you can give, on your busy schedule.

The Keys to Success

Don't toss his stuff.

Don't try to get him to let go of his attachment to the past. He's a collector, but the things he keeps have to do with fond memories; he doesn't bother so much with decorative items or conversation pieces. He uses these things as a refuge from the pressures in the world, while you tend to escape into the world of possibilities and the future. Show him some compassion, and mention your fondness for antiques while you're at it.

Listen, even if you don't agree.

Make sure you pay careful attention to him when he's talking; sometimes he may feel like you're drifting away, and it hurts him emotionally. When you're talking to him, never start a sentence that you can't finish. It will help him realize that you really do care.

Don't expect him to give up his traditional values.

If you're interested in a Cancer, you need to understand that he is looking for a solid and stable relationship; one that is based on "traditional values." It's rare to find a Cancer who has an open approach to relationships, or is experimental, as you are. He can be quite a good provider, however, and will build quite a comfortable lifestyle for you, if you decide that his is the kind of lifestyle you want.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 40%.

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