Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Gemini Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is a perfect 10. Barring negative conditions in your individual horoscopes, you might be true soulmates.

Having the same element and qualities that are well synched (due to the favorable planetary arrangement) is a very favorable omen. But there is another factor that turns this into a perfect 10 relationship; you have something to give to each other that can make you feel that you have become a better person from knowing one another.

The Elements

Both are Air - Both Gemini and Aquarius are Air Signs; being part of the same elemental triad means that there is a free flow of emotional and mental energy between you. You both take a lighthearted approach to romance, making being with each other easy.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Mutable - Aquarius is the least rigid of all the Fixed Signs; Gemini is the most versatile of all the Mutable signs. Both of these qualities will be needed in your relationship, one being a source of joy to the other.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Mercury Saturn represents the serious side of your nature; Uranus represents your wisdom and universalism. Mercury is his youthfulness and his mental agility. The two of you can make a wonderful team in any kind of situation.

Love and Romance

A relationship with a Gemini Man is likely to start out feeling like a stroke of magic and move forward from there. All the complaints you've ever heard about yourself and all the put-downs he's ever suffered will disappear, maybe at first meeting. He doesn't consider you a "space case" and you won't think of him as irresponsible. There's a kind of knowledge, as well as understanding that flows between you, and the physical chemistry is carried along with it. You may have an unusual group of friends, but he will fit right in. His quickly changing moods will probably fly about beneath your radar, but his approach to the truth may upset you a bit; he almost never means what he says. This is not about lying, it's about his verbal creativity and his dislike of being pinned down to an opinion or to take a stand. It might also be what he's come in to your life for; you'll be surprised how quickly your honesty and idealism will rub off on him.

The Keys to Success

Keep the spice and surprises coming.

He loves surprises and variety; your spontaneous and quirky nature excites him, and it's not likely that he'll become bored with you, even while he's trying to figure you out. He's naturally equipped, thanks to Mercury, to help you understand your dreams; he'll help you find meaning in the ones you have while you're asleep, and help you fulfill the ones you have while you're awake.

The truth will set you free.

You'll be shocked by his ability to figure out whatever you're not telling him, or anyone else. Although you pride yourself on telling the truth, you tend to leave out what you don't want another to know, and he'll somehow know it. You may get frustrated with his habit of "spinning" the truth, but the two of you have such an effect on one another that he'll eventually lose the urge to stretch the truth, and you'll stop hiding it.


Tolerance comes easier to you than most signs, and this is something he truly loves in you. You'll see his potential more clearly than your own, but he can help you to balance that equation, and warm your heart in the process.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 100%.

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