Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Leo Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements, qualities and planets agree that the compatibility of your signs is excellent.

You will both need to extend some understanding for the other, but it's likely you will.

The Elements

Air vs. Fire - Air (Aquarius) and Fire (Leo) signs are said to go together, and because of the accord between the astral qualities and the planets, this is certainly the case here.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - Both of you are somewhat stubborn, because you are born into Fixed Signs, but you are not likely to be stubborn in a self-centered way, which can make things balanced and fun.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. The Sun - Saturn represents your need for independence, but make sure you remember that Saturn is in orbit around the Sun in nature, and follow nature's way. Your Uranian (Uranus is the co-ruler of your sign) individuality is both in accord and complementary to the Sun's (his planet) warmth and generosity. Your planets balance well.

Love and Romance

The playful and generous Leo Man can be the kind of romance an Aquarius woman has always looked for. At first you may be surprised by his self-centeredness and his sullen mood when he doesn't feel like he's getting the respect that he deserves from others, because you are born under the least self-centered of all signs, and believe that the most important form of respect is self-respect. Your tendency to unexpected (at least to him) behavior shocks him, but he won't display his surprise often. It may take a while before he really "gets" your unpredictability, and he may never understand your individualistic and spontaneous mental processes, but the physical chemistry makes up for it. Even the most serious arguments between you can be antidote through the magic of intimacy; in fact, these tiffs may increase his passion for you. He may be jealous at times, but it won't take long before his possessiveness takes a back seat to his loyalty, as long as you remember to flavor your conversations with the complements and praise that are the outward signs of the affection he needs to be a happy cat.

The Keys to Success

Be careful all your friends don't make him jealous.

He is likely to be upset, at least at first, at the groups of unusual and widely diverse friends that you have a tendency to bring home, or are entertained by. It may be that he feels protective and jealous, because they are not likely to regard him as the center of attention; in fact there are likely to be other Aquarians in the crowd, and he can feel very competitive when an Aquarian male is in the room. If you find that he's upset by them, find another way to enjoy their company, or make sure that you make him the center of attention.

Give him regular attention and affection.

When your lion does not get the attention he needs, he can become quite morose. You'll have to do your best to remember to express your affection for him on a regular basis. Don't be afraid to give him gifts, but be careful to give him things that appeal to his vanity, not your ideas about what he might think of as fun. He'll appreciate finely made grooming items more than bobble-headed alien finger puppets.

Let him know early that you need to be able to follow your impulses.

You need to be able to follow your impulses and engage in original thinking and behavior as much as he needs affection and praise. Make sure he understands and honors this early in the relationship, and you'll find that the two of you make truly beautiful music together.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Leo Man compatibility = 90%.

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