Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Libra Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements are the same, and the astral qualities can work together as a result. The planets, however, have a hard time synching up and running smoothly.

With some work and understanding the compatibility of this relationship could be rated a 9.

The Elements

Both are Air - Both of you are born under mentally focused Air signs, but because of the influence of Uranus, which acts in fits and starts, you'll need to prepare for disagreements, and for making up after them.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Cardinal - Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, and Libra is a Cardinal Sign. You'll have to make an extra effort to keep your deliberate and intentional ways from clashing with his desire to lead.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Venus & Saturn - Although you have Saturn and Uranus as co-rulers, you tend more toward the spontaneous and original Uranus in your thinking and behavior. He is ruled by the peace-loving Venus, but probably looks up to you because Saturn is exalted in his sign.

Love and Romance

If you're in a relationship with a Libra Man, he may have a hard time deciding what he wants the next step to be, or whether or not he wants to take a next step at all. Chances are that he wants to be a part of a couple; this is a natural state for a Libra. You may have the habit of thinking of him as a special friend, and although he may not realize how much friendship means to you, he likes hearing the kind of tender and emotional words that speak love to him. You'll get plenty of practice, because he loves to talk, and is incredibly charming by nature. You will have disagreements, however, because a Libra's ideals are more personal and yours are more universal. On top of that, you may be frequently frustrated by his way of coming to a decision, which usually involves exhausting all the pros and cons of an issue until he believes that he has reached one that is fair and balanced. You may sometimes be indecisive, but that's usually because you're looking for an outcome that you can appreciate. The physical chemistry is like medicine for you both, and will heal many wounds.

The Keys to Success

Be aware of his need for rest.

He has a pattern you should learn. He'll go through periods of furious activity and then need to rest, almost immobile in order to renew himself. Don't take this for his being lazy, and don't try to push him to action when he is in a resting period. If you do, it will throw the scales off balance, and he'll become quite annoying; maybe even mean.

Trust each other as you enjoy the company of others.

You both enjoy social activities, but you probably have a very different way in which you enjoy the company of others. He will also tend to attract the attention of other women and expect you to understand that he's used to it and considers it normal, and it's probably true; he is far to fair to involve himself in a dalliance if he respects and loves you.

Learn from each other.

Both of you approach love in a light and poetic way; the little things you do are more important to both of you than declarations of lifetime loyalty. Try to keep it that way until he comes forth with ideas about how things should change; if it's his own idea, it should be brilliant, tender and loving. You'll learn a lot from each other, and have a great deal of fun.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Libra Man compatibility = 70%.

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