Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 8. The planets are in a state of balance that makes this relationship both exciting and lucky.

The elements are in accord, and the qualities work well together, because Aquarius is the most changeable of the Fixed Signs. A little effort can easily bring it up to a 9.

The Elements

Air vs. Fire - The Air and Fire elements work well here because of the gender/polarity of the signs. There's a cooperative flow of energy that enables you both to accept the other's individuality.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Mutable - The astral qualities of Aquarius and Sagittarius work together in harmony not only because of the harmonious elements, but Uranus makes the Fixed nature of Aquarius more mobile and active.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Jupiter - Saturn has a tendency to ground out Jupiter's energy, and can cause obstacles, but Uranus, your co-ruler, has the ability to antidote that effect and balance this group of planets. It's a very favorable combination.

Love and Romance

There are times when he may be completely baffled and surprised by the off-the-wall antics of an Aquarius Woman. Your co-ruler, Uranus, rarely lets you do anything in a conventional, routine or tedious manner, and your man likes that. He's constantly looking for challenges, and romance becomes an exciting and fun challenge with you. He loves the truth, and your perspective on it. The typical Sagittarian Man is full of questions, and your unique or original answers to them are probably a new experience for him. Both of you like the outdoors and animals; you both enjoy travel. He is likely to engage in risky activities, like sports that border on the dangerous (sometimes they actually are) and gambling, but he tends to be lucky. Nevertheless, this kind of activity, and his tendency to be overly blunt and unnecessarily honest may embarrass you, as might his occasional clumsiness. He might have a problem with your occasional absent-mindedness or your wide variety of friends. Nevertheless, you both have enough understanding of each other to talk these things out before you spoil the superb chemistry between you.

The Keys to Success

Avoid hard head and hot head friction.

You can be a bit stubborn, and he can be quite hot-headed at times. You'll probably start to recognize his pattern quickly, and figure out ways to "break" it, so that he begins to train himself away from fits of temper. When he begins to learn yours, he'll be able to shift your interests or the subject when you begin being stubborn, so that you drop that habit (that's what it is). This is the kind of magic that your co-ruler, Uranus, brings to the table. It's doubtful that he finds it easy to do this, or experience this kind of change with anyone else, and you both will love the difference.

Bring on the surprise and spontaneity.

Your penchant for surprises is never lost on a Sagittarius Man. He loves adventure and risk so much because it puts him in the midst of a situation where he doesn't know what's going to happen next. Do it often; put some energy into thinking of how you can shock, but in a fun way.

Be careful friendships with others do not become anchors.

Your Sagittarian Man loves your take on friendship, but may not like having your home turned into a recreational facility. He likes to be entertaining, but also likes to be on the move; if he has to have company on a regular basis, he'll feel like he's chained to them. Travel often with him and meet new friends; it's a surefire antidote.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 80%.

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