Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Taurus Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 6. The elemental mismatch almost entirely overrides the fact that you are both Fixed Signs. The co-ruler of your sign, Uranus, can be very surprising and unique, and this is something that's difficult for him to handle.

You don't mind expressing your convictions, even if they run up against the status quo or the rules the Taurus abides by. This is a difficult match, but a lot of physical affection and the expression of sentiment will warm his heart.

The Elements

Air vs. Earth - Aquarius is an Air Sign and Taurus is of the element Earth; this is the major and most important difference between you. You may be content with things being "up in the air"; he needs plain facts and tangible results. You tend to live more in your thoughts and your soul, while he's firmly rooted in his body.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - Both of you are born into the Fixed sign group. This usually brings about a single-mindedness of purpose, but your purposes are likely to be very different from one another.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Venus & The Moon - Saturn gives you a solidity of purpose, but it's your sign's co-ruler, Uranus, that guides your personality. A Taurus Man, who is guided by Venus, may find your enthusiasms too short-lived for his taste, or too outrageous for his sense of propriety. Thanks to the Moon, he's tender and sensually responsive; this can work in your favor.

Love and Romance

Although your styles and approach to life may be different, you'll find it easier than you think to get along with him, as long as you give him the constant physical attention he craves. His physical desires are likely to be stronger than yours, but you have enough in common to make romance a lot of fun for the both of you. He's likely to think of you as being honest and ethical, and will ignore your personal habits and quirks unless they interfere with his comfort. He's not fond of the idea of having lots of unusual friends around, and certainly doesn't want to be thought of as a friend himself. If you make an effort to be reliable and dependable, and don't upset him with surprises or controversial ideas and attitudes, it's likely that his tender and comforting attention will relieve and excite you.

The Keys to Success

Provide lots of affection.

He's likely to find your penchant for holding on to keepsakes endearing, but don't think he'll begin doing so himself. It's more likely that he'll use conversation about them to initiate more passionate undertakings. He is very sensual, and the more affection you give, the more he wants.

Let him know that you are there for him.

He can be possessive. When you're with friends enjoying the things you enjoy, it's not that you're with others that matters; it's that you're not with him. He has somewhat of a bossy nature, and although he may not be one to bark out commands, he certainly expects to get what he asks for.

Demonstrate reliability as much as possible.

Do your best to keep dates and promises with him, because some of your personal characteristics, like your ability to shift from one idea to another, or starting a sentence you don't finish, will lead him to think that you're unreliable, and that's something he can't abide. Get your (and his) expectations out on the table early on in the relationship; it's the best way to build a solid foundation for the future.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 60%.

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