Zodiac Love Matches

Aquarius Woman Virgo Man

Our Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 7. The planets bring an unusual synchronization of the elements and qualities into this relationship.

By being aware and careful of a few issues, this compatibility rating could be a 8.

The Elements

Air vs. Earth - Air and Earth usually are said to be incompatible, but the Airy Mercury of Virgo and the Earthy Saturn of Aquarius help to neutralize the elemental clash. You both have the quality that the other needs built into your Sun Signs, and they come out when needed.

The Qualities

Fixed vs. Mutable - An Aquarius Woman is Fixed, and Virgo Man is Mutable. These two qualities work well together because of the ruling planets. It's likely that you'll bring more than one of your mutual dreams into manifestation during your relationship.

The Planets

Saturn & Uranus vs. Mercury - Saturn and Uranus are the co-rulers of Aquarius; Mercury is the planet of Virgo. Mercury and Saturn can work together to keep you grounded and intelligently resolve practical concerns, while Mercury and Uranus will bring the variety into your man's life that he desperately needs.

Love and Romance

Your relationship is sure to have its ups and downs, but if you have strong ties in your individual horoscopes, it's likely to last forever. You probably like the insightful way he has of getting to the point, making a decision that benefits you both, and his practical thinking. He probably loves your unusual taste and your way of bringing lots of variety into his life. In fact, it may seem that both of you have exactly what the other needs. He may become a little annoyed at the way you interrupt him while he's doing something important to him, and you may become a little bored with his regularity of routine, but neither of these problems is too difficult to overcome. He's a good conversationalist and a good listener, and his tender concern for you is such that you'll feel that no one ever understood you the way he does. For every complaint, he'll have a suggestion, and he will encourage you to take the time to do your own thing, so that you can recharge your psychic batteries, knowing how stressed out you can become if you don't. You represent freedom and opportunity for him, because he finds you both attractive and exciting, and will never become bored with your unusual and wistful ways.

The Keys to Success

Expect the routine.

Don't expect him to be a different person every time you see him. It's important for him to have breaks in his routines, but when, after the break, he gradually falls back in the direction of old routines again. Make sure that you understand that he needs this kind of "space" and he expects that you need it too, and will be happy to see you get it.

Respect his "down time".

If he is sitting quietly reading a book or doing some sort of recreational activity on the computer, there is probably a reason. Don't give him one of those "how can you possibly be doing nothing" looks, or accuse him of being lazy. You have the same habit of becoming lost in your favorite topic or entertainment too, and he never complains; he respects you too much.

Share your intuitive insights.

Feel free to express your intuitive insights around him. They will probably be meaningful to him, and do him a great service. You're both dreamers, and this is one way to help bring those dreams into reality. You'll be surprised at the results.

Final Score: Aquarius Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 70%.

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