Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

About Aquarius


Want to know about Aquarius? Aquarius is an air sign that has a restless spirit. They are bright eyed and bushy tailed every moment of the day. They are geniuses when they want to be, and stubborn when they don't feel like it.

They have a natural curiosity that follows them through life and drives them to be great students and interested in many different things.

While there are not two distinct sides to an Aquarius, there is still a private side to them that few people ever get to see. They don't see the need to tell everyone all about themselves, while finding out all about you.

This is a free spirit that enjoys doing their own thing. While most born under the Aquarius sign enjoy the company of people, they nevertheless are independent thinkers that don't want to be pushed around. They'll figure out what they believe on their own, with no help from you, thank you very much!

Eccentricity is a hallmark of Aquarians. They enjoy doing things just to be different and want to stand out from the crowd. They're great at pairing odd outfits together and wear them with their own sense of panache. They tend to have outrageous personalities and they like it that way.

An Aquarius is unpredictable. They walk to the beat of their own drummer and don't mind changing the tune when they feel like it. Just when you think you have them figured out, they'll turn around and do something completely unexpected. They definitely keep us lesser mortals on our toes.

An Aquarian loves their freedom more than anything else. They'll only enter into a relationship with others after they've established a boundary that ensures they get to keep their freedom. Take it away (if they let you) and you'll destroy not only their trust but also one of the traits that makes an Aquarian, an Aquarian.

Above all else, Aquarians are the 'big helpers' of the world. They have a strong desire to change their world and make it better for everyone. They easily take up causes that they believe in and it's not unusual to see an Aquarian friend on television protesting against one idea or another. They're the big brother or big sister in their group of friends who is always looking out for them. Quick to extend a helping hand, they never hold anything back. If you need something, they're there to help.

At work, Aquarians enjoy developing their humanitarian side. They're drawn to careers that improve the life as many people as they can reach. With their intelligence, any career is a possibility though they prefer ones such as in medicine, research, social workers and inventors. Although Aquarians are independent, they enjoy working with others and make great team workers.

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