Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Want to know how to attract a Aquarius Man? Join him in his fight against the forces of repression and inequity to draw his attention and gain his respect.

Whether his chosen foe is unfair immigration laws, racial prejudice, the restrictions the of the nine-to-five workday or the cost of cable TV, Aquarius man sees himself as the champion of freedom, justice and rationality battling against these forces. Find the road to his heart by understanding his passions and joining the battle.

He may have a fling with someone who doesn't share his point of view, but he won't take that person seriously. When he feels ready, he will choose a long-term partner whom he considers an ally in his chosen struggles. However, it may take a while for him to decide to commit.

Check your expecations with his gauges

Less evolved Aquarius men often express the sign's freedom-loving nature through a "love them and leave them" approach to relationships. Observe carefully how your Aquarian speaks about past partners to determine his level of maturity.

If he characterizes them as in some way oppressing him or trying to trap him, beware, his attraction to you however real today may be short lived.

Also, notice toward which individuals or institutions he directs his scorn and skepticism. Although open-minded in many ways, Aquarius is intractable when it comes to singling out those he sees as foes of liberty, fairness or reason.

For instance, if he views religion as a form of delusion, don't expect him to change his outlook or soften his opinions simply because you value your connection to your church or temple.

Scorn is the Aquarian's means of verbally elevating himself and he finds it hard to relinquish the sense of superiority it gives him.

Put the leash away

Since Aquarians find the prospect of emotional clinginess frightening, they tend to seek partners who portray strength and independence.

He expects both partners to give each other a long leash in a relationship. He won't interfere with your nights out with your friends, but expects to have time to pursue his autonomous interests.

He places a premium on friendship and will take any criticism of his friends or attempts to separate him from them as an act of aggression. If his friends don't like you, that may be the kiss of death for the romance.

Stay on top of the latest technologies

Communication and technology both play a strong role in his relationships. To attract an Aquarius man you will need to be to keep up with him in these technologies.

If you are not a proficient user of the latest communication gadgets and technologies, he will look at you as a museum curiosity. An Aquarius man will be attracted to, and impressed by, somone who gets to know him using the newest and latest technologies for communication.

He may express his growing interest in you through texting and Twitter messages. He will weigh your suitability as a mate through your ability to appreciate his favorite films, radio programs, television shows, websites and video games.