Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Want to know how to attract an Aquarius woman? Aquarius women often select a mate from among their social circle. If you are attracted to an Aquarius woman, it works well to start as a friend.

For Aquarius, converting a friend into a mate guarantees that person will get along with her friends.

Friendship as the basis for romance also fosters a more harmonious and equal relationship, as well as allowing them to avoid romantic conventions. Most Aquarius women find the traditional gestures of romance-like a heart-shaped box of chocolates or bouquet of roses-a bit silly, as well as hidebound and lacking originality.

Keep it fresh and exciting

These women love movement. If you aren't already her friend, meet her at a dance class or on the dance floor of a club.

She will like it if you have a few dance moves of your own, but if you don't, offer her a friendly (rather than suggestive) compliment on how well she moves, then start a conversation about something intelligent and a bit unusual-she won't even remember your name if you talk about the weather.

Compliment what makes her different

Most Aquarius women take pride in their originality, although some flaunt this quality while others are more reserved about it. They want partners who appreciate the ways they differ from the crowd.

The more flamboyant type of Aquarian may have her own unique style of dress, drive a car which she has painted and decorated so that it looks like no other vehicle on the road, or pursue an unusual profession.

The quieter Aquarius women will express their distinction in more subtle ways. Either way, an Aquarius woman will want a mate who appreciates her uniqueness, rather than someone who will try to trim her square edges so that she fits into a round hole. Never tell her she reminds you of anyone else; Aquarius likes to see herself as one of a kind.

Show her you care about others

Many Aquarius women have strong humanitarian beliefs. They may choose a vacation helping teach children in an impoverished area or building houses for people left homeless by disaster.

They select friends and partners who share this concern for those who in need. If you want to see that you possess some depth, tell her about how you went down to Haiti to help out after the earthquake or that you volunteer at a homeless shelter.

This will impress her much more than if you try to prove your sensitivity by talking about how deeply you were hurt by the death of your first dog, your parents' divorce or your break-up with your first girlfriend. Emotional dramas bore Aquarius.

Always keep it fun

Aquarius women want to see themselves and their partner as two friends who have fun together in everything they do together. The idea of becoming a stereotypical married couple fall into a routine together horrifies her.

She loves spontaneity and will find you more attractive if you suggest unusual excursions for the two of you to experience. She will also want to go out with her friends sometimes and will expect you to have your own activities rather than tagging along.

Keep these ideas in mind and don't be afraid to start out as a friend if you want to attract an Aquarius woman.