Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is an air sign and thus idea-centric, unique, and energetic. As such, Aquarius natives are looking for partners who are free-spirited, innovative, and looking to do big things with their lives. Their inherent nature means they are best suited to matches with either fellow air signs or alternatively, complimentary fire signs.

Aquarius Compatibility Ratings

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Aquarius Woman Compatibility


Aquarius Man Compatibility

Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man - 9   Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man - 9
Aquarius Woman Aries Man - 9   Aries Woman Aquarius Man - 9
Aquarius Woman Cancer Man - 4   Cancer Woman Aquarius Man - 4
Aquarius Woman Capricorn Man - 4   Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man - 4
Aquarius Woman Gemini Man - 10   Gemini Woman Aquarius Man - 10
Aquarius Woman Leo Man - 9   Leo Woman Aquarius Man - 8
Aquarius Woman Libra Man - 7   Libra Woman Aquarius Man - 7
Aquarius Woman Pisces Man - 6   Pisces Woman Aquarius Man - 6
Aquarius Woman Sagittarius Man - 8   Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man - 8
Aquarius Woman Scorpio Man - 6   Scorpio Woman Aquarius Man - 4
Aquarius Woman Taurus Man - 6   Taurus Woman Aquarius Man - 5
Aquarius Woman Virgo Man - 7   Virgo Woman Aquarius Man - 7

Best Matches for Aquarius

Gemini: If any astrological pairing has the potential to be a match made in heaven, it's this one. Both Gemini and Aquarius love to have fun and adopt a free-spirited approach to life, conversation, and relationships that will mean nothing but harmony for their life together. In fact, they will sparkle so brightly together that they will find themselves much in demand as a couple (socially speaking). Their chemistry will also really raise the roof, as this pairing comes complete with a strong degree of animal attraction. Jealousy will never be a problem between these two either.

Other Best Matches: Aquarius (pair), Aries, and Leo, are also great matches for Aquarius. A detailed relationship analysis is available by clicking on any of the Aquarius compatibility ratings above.

Worst Matches for Aquarius

Cancer: The airy, analytical Aquarius zodiac sign takes far too detached an approach to love and romance to suit emotional, sensitive Cancer. Plus, the Aquarian approach to life is markedly unconventional, unpredictable, and progressive - far too much so for Cancer. Cancer is looking for commitment, marriage, family, and the building of traditions. However, these are all practically dirty words to most Aquarians, putting these two at cross purposes from the beginning.

Scorpio: Scorpio is an intense sign that needs to be allowed to take almost total possession of a partner in order to feel loved enough. However, this isn't going to work for light-hearted Aquarius who fears being trapped in a cage. They won't see eye to eye on their social life as a couple either, as Scorpio is ultra private while Aquarius thrives on near constant social contact. The differences in temperament and intensity between these two will manage to make both parties feel unloved, unappreciated, and smothered to boot. These two would do well to just stay away from one another.

Other Worst Matches: Capricorn is generally not a good match either. Use the Aquarius compatibility rating links above for the detailed analysis.