Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Aquarius in Love

While some signs may seek a mate with whom they can create a private world of romance, an Aquarius in love wants a partner who fits in with their friends. For an Aquarius in love, a long-term "friend with benefits" might be the ideal relationship.

Aquarius wants someone who can be a comrade in arms, a co-conspirator, and a fellow member of the right subculture/church/political group.

The biggest snub a you can offer an Aquarian date is to refuse to introduce him or her to your friends.


For the Aquarius in love, the need to belong is in constant tension with the need to rebel. Often this inner conflict manifests in their romantic relationships.

They may, like Yoko Ono with John Lennon, seem to separate a partner from his chosen group. Or they may perceive their partner as striving to deprive them from their own individuality. They may look at their mate, or the state of being part of a couple, as seeking to make them conform.

Although Aquarians readily join and even start groups, the intimate nature of a two-person relationship can feel stifling to them.

To use an appropriately science fiction-derived metaphor in speaking of futuristic Aquarius, they may look at their mate as a variation on Star Trek's The Borg, dictating to those who join that "you will be assimilated."


Aquarius in love still requires a sense of freedom in order to feel happy in a relationship.

They may become uncomfortable if a partnership has too many established rules or regular weekly rituals like a standing Friday night date.

Often the Aquarian will declare her/his individuality from the partnership by participation in a group activity: "I can't go to the movies with you Friday, that's when my book club/role playing group meets."

To have a successful relationship with Aquarius, respect their need for both individuality and group affiliation.


Aquarius holds strong ideals and seeks someone who shares nearly identical views. Aquarius loves to expound and get up on the soapbox a bit. If they can't find someone who agrees with them, they tend to prefer someone who has not heard of their ideas to someone who has opposing opinions.

They may find it intriguing if someone holds strong views on a topic they know little about as this gives them the opportunity to learn about yet another strand of the cultural weave.


If they find someone who fits their complex and seemingly contradictory needs, Aquarius can sustain a connection to a partner over a long period of time, sometimes even continuing to mourn the loss of someone who has left them or died for several years.

In spite of this tendency, they rarely express themselves in emotional terms.

Aquarians prefer to keep a distance from all feelings, including their own. They will express their devotion to a partner through long conversations, going to political rallies together, or inviting their mate to share their enthusiasm for a certain musician, author or film genre.

They tend to express how important someone is to them in other ways. An Aquarius in love may show their love for another by purchasing a pair of the latest mobile phones so they can keep in touch, sending texts messages and photos throughout the day.