Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

The Aquarius Man

So you're interested in an Aquarius man? The only way to catch the attention of an Aquarius man is to be a mystery to him; they need to be intrigued. Once a question pops up in his mind he may have a hard time sleeping until he has found the answer.

The Aquarian male is not easy to understand. He loves working as part of a team, and doing things in cooperation with others; he is almost always fair in his dealings. That part of his character is easy enough to understand - but that's also where things get complicated.

When an Aquarius man says he likes everybody, he means it. His vision of universal brotherhood prods him to try and treat everyone as an equal; he even has the strange habit of sarcastically calling his worst enemy a friend.

This attitude makes it hard for someone interested in him romantically to feel special. Luckily, when he does admit to having special feelings about you, he will make them known in his own eccentric way.

Draw attention with mystery and intrigue

Never present yourself as an open book to an Aquarian male; he'll just read a couple of pages that think that he knows the whole story, and lose interest. If you start your efforts to gain his interest by ignoring him or not asking him for advice, he'll begin to wonder what's different about you, and then the questions will start to come, and the real game begins.

Don't do anything to let him think that you're leading him on or manipulating him, or he'll discover it right away and resent it terribly. Remember that Aquarians despise dishonesty and deception, and if he senses it, he may be capable of a surprising, spontaneous and shocking response. Don't let him get away with it; hold your ground and set your boundaries right then and there.

Worth waiting for

Aquarian men don't take well to the traditional forms of marriage; they are seldom chapel, shoes and rice types.

Many of them establish long term or permanent partnerships without the benefit of institutional sanctions, and they are usually quite happy with that arrangement. It satisfies their need for love and their sense of universal brotherhood; if no one is giving him a reason why he should be a devoted partner, he's more likely to act like one.

This desire for unconventionality does not suit everyone, but it is somewhat of a key to the Aquarian heart; if he's not being forced to do things the old way, he'll do everything he can to prove the new way works better. It may take a while to get the first kiss out of him, but for people attracted to these imaginative souls, it's well worth it.

Innocent until proven guilty

An Aquarius man is almost never the jealous type; once you have his love you have his trust, unless you do something to prove yourself untrustworthy. Once he has decided to settle into a relationship with you, he'll consider it to be on autopilot and shift his focus to what he considers to be more important things.

If you think you can stimulate his passion and realign his focus by inspiring jealousy in him, you'll be making a big mistake; he can't stand the pain of having misjudged you, and regardless of your efforts to convince him otherwise, he won't change his opinion.