Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Aquarius Personality

The Aquarius personality is proactive and innovative. These are analytical, technologically savvy people who are also friendly, generous, and curious almost to a fault. They are individuals that know how to get things done and are remarkably adept at keep the waters of progress flowing toward the future.

Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, Aquarius natives are some of the most energetic trailblazers to be found anywhere in the zodiac and much of humanity's progress can be attributed to their hard work and groundbreaking ideas.

An Aquarius out there in the world is a rebel who can't help but question authority and the status quo at large. They not only believe in change, but they are champions of the sort of change that benefits the greater good and makes the world a better place to be for everyone.

Many a scientist, inventor, or scholar has been born under this sign over the centuries. Aquarius also governs areas such as computer technology and the internet.

The Eleventh House of the Future

The eleventh house is the sector of the cosmic wheel which governs the future, the unknown, and all of the ideas that have yet to be born into the world from out of the human psyche. As such, it is also the house which governs humanity's dreams, brainstorms, and breakthroughs.

We see this influence manifest in the Aquarius personality's great, burning passion for invention and new ideas of all kinds. Technology is a favorite field of study for those born under this sign, as are politics and humanitarianism.

The eleventh house can also be related to the concepts of the human race at large, as well as social groups and community. This influence can be seen in Aquarius's penchant for sociability.

However, it is not simple friendliness or love of a good conversation we're talking about here. These natives are more interested in the entire human race and in instigating great leaps forwards in search of a better future for us all.

Air: The Stuff Ideas and Progress Are Made Of

Aquarius is one of the three zodiac signs ruled by the quick and communicative element of air. This influence means the Aquarius personality is quick to move from one point to another and they live and breathe ideas as surely as the rest of us breathe oxygen.

They are always looking for the next great thing and once they find it, they simply can't wait to communicate their discovery via words and language. We can see the influence of air on Aquarius in the way natives born under this sign live for innovation and progress, especially in regards to technological advancements.

Air also governs the realm of science. It is natural for the Aquarius personality to posses an interest in (and talent for) sciences of all sorts. Some enter the medical field and wind up developing vaccines and medicines. Others take a strong interest in machinery and computers, preferring to make their mark on the world in these areas instead.

Uranus: Planet of Invention and Progress

In Roman mythology, Uranus was the universe's founding father and the bringer of the very first ideas into existence. Uranus's rulership over Aquarius is responsible for the sign's profound interest in progress and innovation at large.

The Aquarius personality further takes after the planet's namesake in the way it views the whole of the human race in much the same way a father would. All Aquarians take an interest in their fellow men with many choosing to make their lives entirely about philanthropy and humanitarian causes.