Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

An Aquarius Relationship

Thinking about an Aquarius relationship? Aquarius are famous for unconventional relationships; they are the soul of experimentation and non-conformity... but they'll neither hide them nor flaunt them as other signs might do.

They treat others, especially their friends, as equals, whether they are street musicians or rock stars.

The two planets associated with this sign are Saturn and Uranus, which are almost exact opposites of one another in terms of the effects noted by astrological researchers. Saturn is the most steadfast, patient and deliberate of the astrological planets while Uranus is the quirkiest, impatient and inspired of them all.

This is the key to understanding an Aquarius relationship; they manage to hold these opposite forces in balance with one another, and will express that balance through their friends and their behavior.

Set in their ideas

These freedom-loving people are rarely thought of as being conservative or rigid, but they tend to stick with what works for them, especially in the realm of ideas.

It's hard to change their minds; once they have the lightning flash of insight that sets them in the direction of a new adventure, it may be an exercise in futility to get them back in line with what has come before.

The typical Aquarian is a proponent of the "live and let live" philosophy; they'll never tell anyone how to think, and will never let anyone tell them what they should think either.

Most people can't help but enjoy their truth loving nature, but some become frustrated with them when they won't challenge their own convictions.

Aquarius relationships; the down side

Aquarian people have a hard time learning to trust others, at least until they have the chance to put them under the microscope and analyze their every word and deed.

Some people become upset with this type of probing into their inner workings, and this is more likely to bother the potential friend of an Aquarian than their lack of punctuality or their apparent inattentiveness.

Sometimes an Aquarian will appear to be interested in everything but what you are saying to them, yet, when asked, they are likely to replay your words verbatim, maybe even two weeks later.

If you're the kind of person who gets into overly emotional confrontations with people you care about, you'll have a hard time with an Aquarius; they hate this kind of behavior and avoid it like the plague.

Aquarius relationships; the bright side

The typical Aquarius relationship is one that is rooted in open honesty. They don't like borrowing or lending either. They'll use credit cards when they have to, but have a fear of living beyond their means and being deep in debt.

This is a major asset in their relationships with others; they are terrific motivators and very good at working out things like payment arrangements, and will do so as quickly for a friend as they will for themselves.

They are innovators that love labor-saving devices and activities that increase their personal efficiency; your Aquarian friend may be the one who introduces you to the latest refrigerator or the most effective meditation program you'll ever experience.

They may be somewhat unpredictable and a little hard to reason with from time to time, but once you are in a relationship with an Aquarian, you couldn't hope for a better or more visionary guide to the future. Some astrologers believe that the statements they make today are the answers to questions that won't be asked until tomorrow.