Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Aquarius Sign Meaning

Want to know the meaning of the Aquarius sign? Aquarius (the Water-Bearer) is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, and the last of the Air Signs. Although, like the other Air Signs the Aquarian is a thinker, although they tend to "think different."

Aquarius is also the last of the Fixed Signs, and tends to be set in their ways, no matter how unconventional or progressive those ways may be.

The typical Aquarian is a universalist, always seeking to do things in the most practical way possible that can benefit the greatest number; this is often what drives them to be innovators or the bearers of new thoughts and ideas.

Aquarius is the sign opposite the Sun's sign Leo; in that the Sun represents the Ego, Aquarians tend to be the least egotistical people among the twelve signs.

Like the emblem that features the man pouring water from a giant urn, part of the Aquarius sign meaning is about their gift of delivering to others exactly what they need, and the freedom and ability to give of themselves without the restrictions or limits of conventional thinking.

The house of Saturn and Uranus

Originally the sign Aquarius was the second house of Saturn, but since the discovery of the planet Uranus, astrologers have assigned it to Aquarius as well.

Most of the modern interpretations of Aquarius are based on Uranus, because Uranus is the most unconventional planet in the Solar System (as far as bodies defined as planets go); it rotates on its side when compared to the other planets.

Nevertheless, many Aquarians have that distinctly saturnine view of the world, except that instead of embracing the old as Capricorns do, they prefer to break from it, or seek independence and autonomy in all they do (which is another trait of the planet Saturn).

The influence of Saturn comes out in another way; people born under Aquarius tend to be quite serious about their security and well-being no matter how unconventional their careers or lifestyles might be.

The basic Aquarian personality

You'll almost never find a prejudiced Aquarius; they are people who tend to see the person first and their attributes later.

It doesn't matter whether the Aquarius is hanging around in less affluent neighborhoods, or enjoying the company of high society; everyone they meet is approached as a brother or sister human being.

Curiously, despite the almost instantaneous friendship the Aquarius is capable of creating with others, they seldom develop more than a few close friends; their desire for independence is too strong to allow them to become dependent on others, even in times of trouble.

Every once and a while, when the Aquarius' plans or projects become frustrated and they fall into a Saturnian slump, they may find a way to hide out and isolate, but these periods of isolation don't last for long; the Aquarian, being a practical person, will quickly pull themselves together to look for their next opportunity to get involved in something new or different.

The Aquarian is something of a crowd lover; they don't mind hanging out in groups, but seldom attach themselves to causes or movements; they are often far too resistant to taking orders or instructions to be followers.

The Aquarius person can be generous, even though they may be quite insecure about their financial situation, but will usually choose the target of their generosity themselves. The typical Aquarian both diplomatic and sympathetic; Aquarian pet lovers will prefer rescuing strays to purchasing purebreds.

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