Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

Aquarius Traits

Aquarius traits are represented by the quirky and innovative sign of the water carrier. Aquarius occupies the eleventh position in the sequence of the zodiac. Ruled by idea-oriented and unpredictable Uranus - the planet of surprise, invention, and the future - Aquarius natives are eccentric, humanitarian, and technologically oriented.

They are also highly adaptive and sociable, yet detached and practical in their own way as well.

Here we list the most universally recognized traits associated with those born under this charismatic and independent sign:

Freedom-Loving and Rebellious

One of the Aquarius traits that is most obvious is that those born with this sign hate being forced to live life from the inside of a box. They naturally question authority and the status quo, refusing to follow rules unless someone can prove to them that said rules are sound, fair, and beneficial first.

Most Aquarians are also firm believers in the concepts of democracy and humanitarianism. It's actually even possible that this rebellious aquarius trait could lead to a belief in anarchy in some, should it be pronounced enough.

Emotionally Cool and Detached

One of the most widely known and misunderstood Aquarius traits is the sign's trademark tendency toward what many see as emotional coldness. Aquarians think their way through life, as opposed to feeling their way through, and as a result they are able to remove themselves from the snares of emotion altogether in some cases.

They are terrific people to have on your side in a crisis, not only because of their innate ability to solve problems, but also because of how good their handle on their emotions makes them in a crisis. However, Aquarians must take care to make sure they don't develop a tendency toward tactlessness or cruelty as a result.

Friendly and Humanitarian

Like all air sign natives, Aquarius has the traits of being naturally social, friendly, and people-oriented. They love discussing their ideas and concepts with others and are just as eager to hear those of other people as well. Aquarians are almost always champions for humanitarian causes as well.

They come into this life with a strong desire to leave the world a better place than they found it and they have an inherent need to make sure life is as fair as possible for all people.

Many Aquarians devote much time and energy to charity work or social causes. Quite a few even make other people their profession, seeking out careers in social services, medicine, or other people oriented fields.

Profound Knack for Technology and Invention

Another trait of the Aquarius sign is that it is that they have a high level of energy. Most people born under its influence can't stand the idea of being bored and seek out constant interaction with the world around them. When it's not possible to connect with other people, many of these natives will find solace in working with computers or machines.

An Aquarius who isn't enchanted by modern technology and all of the latest gadgets is hard to find indeed. They often collect them, as well as other unusual things, and possess a pronounced knack for understanding and working with them. It's a common Aquarius trait to have a knack for building or fixing computers or other machines.

Eccentric and Unstable

A defining Aquarius trait is that this sign will march to the beat of their own drum to a greater degree than just about any other zodiac sign out there. Many could even easily be called eccentric and they tend to seek out the company of other eccentrics like themselves - creative, exciting, and inventive individuals who instinctively think outside the box.

Aquarius natives are unpredictable types who can sometimes be so energetic and unconventional as to seem scattered. You never know what an Aquarius will do next. These are the type of people that almost always zig when you expect them to zag, keeping those around them on their toes perpetually.