Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman Aquarius Man

Our Aries Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements match and the qualities are good. The planets can be a little tricky, because Mars and Uranus may cause even him to become excited from time to time.

He'll need your warmth, care and attention, but has plenty of his own to return to you.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - Fire and Air are naturally compatible. He's likely to instantly be attracted to your honesty and enthusiasm, and you'll love his detached manner and the can-do attitude that brings him rewards.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - You, being a Cardinal sign, love to lead. He, who is born under a Fixed sign, will usually refuse to be a follower. Once the two of you learn to cooperate, the fireworks are bound to begin.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs Saturn & Uranus - Mars, being your planet, likes to dive right in; the ancient ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, wants to think about it, and can take it's time doing so. Uranus, who is the modern or co-ruler of his sign, does things in a revolutionary or sudden way; it would be good to let go of whatever has been holding you back in order make room for him and his wild ideas.

Love and Romance

There's something an Aries Woman and Aquarius Man have in common that is rare to find in pairs; the love of, and excitement with anything new. This is usually a fun and adventurous link between the two of you and it extends to romantic adventures as well. He will never bore you; he's somewhat unpredictable and loves playing games of all sorts. You Can be certain that you'll be quite challenged by Aquarian games, but no matter how much he loves you, he won't let you win. This unique and surprising man is full of energy and very social, and will inspire jealousy in you because of his wide array of friends. There is a strong and sudden chemistry that will surprise you; this can be a very fun and exciting relationship.

The Keys to Success

Let your him know how helpful he is to you.

He can be quite attentive in this regard, and he's always willing to lend a helping hand, but will often pay this kind of attention to whoever comes along with their problems. He's also better at dealing with others' problems than his own, but your sense of immediacy will often guide him toward focusing on what he can do for himself.

Be understanding of how he spends time with others.

Sometimes you may become angry at your Aquarian Man's ability to give everyone around equal time, especially in a social gathering. You'll need to learn that he is a true humanitarian, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing special between you. He just has a hard time with the reassuring words that your Martian needs require, and when he does try to explain his feelings toward you, he does it with style.

Remember you are more emotional, he is not heartless.

You are far more emotionally sensitive than your Aries Man, but don't see him as being heartless. His curiosity is very strong, and he can often stand outside of his own feelings, but remember that he is a fixed sign; if he's said that he cares about you, you can be sure that it took a lot of effort for him to admit that. The freshness and excitement that he brings into the relationship can be totally overwhelming sometimes, just as your emotionalism can be to him, but this is an excellent match.

Final Score: Aries Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 90%.

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