Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman Aries Man

Our Aries Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is a perfect 10 - even though when two Martian personalities spend a lot of time together, clashes are inevitable.

Aries women and men are of the same Astral Element and Quality; both have the same motivations due to the nature of the ruling planet, Mars, and the Sun who is exalted there.

The Elements

Both are Fire - You'll instantly recognize the drive and enthusiasm in him, and he is sure to see the honesty and openness in you; this is the nature of the Fire Element that you share. The excitement and enthusiasm you feel, especially in the beginning, also belongs to the Fire Element, and you're sure to spark a bigger blaze in each other as time goes by.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - The Cardinal signs of the Zodiac like to get things moving, and Aries, in particular likes to start their own relationships; it's almost impossible to find an Aries Man who will wait for you to take notice of him. When an Aries Man meets an Aries Woman, an outside observer would wonder who is "hitting on" who!

The Planets

Both are Mars - When two Martian personalities spend a lot of time together, clashes are inevitable; after all, Mars was the ancient god of war, and has also been called "the angry red planet." You can expect flare ups of amazing suddenness and intensity from time to time, but what's amazing is that Aries people immediately regret their anger; you'll quickly revert to your warm and generous natures. Although the two of you may be occasionally locked in a struggle to stay in charge, the inner need to be liked and appreciated is something you'll sense in each other. This innocent kindness and trust will always take precedence over the impulsiveness or aggressiveness that sparks these fires. The rare, but worst case scenario, is that one of you may have more powerful planetary combinations in your birth horoscopes, forcing the other to take a more submissive role, and it's not always the Aries Woman that does.

Love and Romance

Because the two of you are of the same elemental nature and the same quality, the worst thing that can happen is that you and he are so much alike that you begin to lose the feeling of excitement that gets romance into gear. The good news is that this almost never happens. He will keep you on the edge of your seat and at the height of your passion.

The Keys to Success

"Divvy-up" the responsibilities between you.

Let him handle the necessary aspects of finance while you handle the fun things; it will satisfy his male ego. Divide the days on which you handle duties as well. You know as well as he does, that you don't mind going along with the game today, as long as you have your (or he has his) turn at being the leader tomorrow.

Use the limited tact and gentleness you have on each other.

Although you aren't used to handling others in a tactful or gentle way, you know that this is how you like to be treated; so does your Aries man. This doesn't mean you should treat him like a baby (you know how much you hate that), it just means protecting your investment by focusing all the generosity and kindness you have on him and him alone.

When in doubt: Trust, trust, and more trust.

The most important key to success in an Aries-to-Aries relationship is trust. Give him plenty of rope - he has no intention of hanging himself. He needs his independence as much as you need yours; your trust is the greatest gift you can give him.

Final Score: Aries Woman Aries Man compatibility = 100%.

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