Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman Cancer Man

Our Aries Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements, Fire and Water, are naturally antagonistic to one another, but the qualities are the same and the planets work well together.

This can be an outstanding relationship with a little awareness and acceptance on both sides; many matches between Aries and Cancer are five star relationships.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - There's a natural difference between the emotional and mental natures of these two signs that brings a note of caution in any relationship between them; too much of your fiery passion and activity can steam up his watery emotional nature, and too much of his nurturing and protectiveness can smother, or rather drown your enthusiasm. The thing is that Cancer needs more optimism, and you, as an Aries Woman, would benefit from Cancer's sensible caution.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - Because of being born under Cardinal Signs, you both have the same desire for leadership and success, but the Cancer Man tends to hide his drive, while the Aries Woman displays hers openly. This is not a difficulty that needs to be overcome; his emotional sensitivity will pick up on this and somehow come up with just the right thing to say to drive you on to greater heights.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs the Moon & Jupiter - Mars and the Moon, your two planets, are usually compatible, because Mars gives the emotional and sensitive Moon an outlet for their activity, and sometimes, their suppressed emotions. The Moon, similarly, provides the atmosphere, at work or at home, that Mars needs to consolidate and grow in power. The Sun is exalted in your sign, Aries, and gives you the kind of warm and self-directed nature he loves, while Jupiter is exalted in his sign, causing him to foster growth and expansion; he'll make sure that you have plenty of elbow room, and plenty of things to explore.

Love and Romance

The most difficult aspect of a relationship with him is avoiding his jealous feelings. It's the chief expression of his basic insecurity, yet it is an overly-emotional expression of his loyalty and sincerity. Like you, he seeks money and success, is terrific at building for the future, and he is not stingy. He's likely to hold on tightly as far as his feelings are concerned; don't try to force him to let go of old emotional wounds, he will in time. As far as intimacy and passion are concerned, this combination is very good, because he will somehow always know exactly what you need.

The Keys to Success

Try to be sensitive to his moods.

They will come and go like the tides or the phases of the Moon. For you, your moods are likely to come and go as the result of your actions and your interactions with others. For him, they are a force of nature that cycles up and down; if you're careful, you can catch their rhythms.

Let him bring out the best in you.

His sensitivity is such that it can bring out the best in you, especially in romantic situations. Give in to his ideas about romancing and his sentimental, artistic nature; you'll be treated like a queen, and he'll be happy to do so.

Allow him to nurture and care for you.

Don't be worried about drowning in the care and nurturing he has to give. He is not just a good provider; he's an excellent family man to whom the security and future prospects of those he loves are a major concern.

Final Score: Aries Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 70%.

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