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Aries Woman Gemini Man

Our Aries Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is 8. A Gemini man is a very compatible choice for an Aries woman as a partner in business or pleasure. Mars and Mercury have their disagreements now and then, but people of their signs are usually friends from the first "hello."

This relationship can easily become a 9 with a little understanding and some work.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - Fire needs Air to burn; Air needs fire to stay in motion. You're likely to notice how responsive he is to your words and actions; he'll adapt quickly to any situation that pleases him and keeps him excited. If he gets bored, he's a mess, but you, being an Aries, certainly won't bore him.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Mutable - One of the main traits of the Mutable sign group expressed by the Gemini Man's character is flexibility; this is one of the best points of compatibility between you. His moods and ideas change constantly, and, like you, he's always looking for something new to get into.

The Planets

Mars vs Mercury - You're born under Mars, and he's born under Mercury; some think that this doesn't work, but this kind of relationship underpins more movies and stories than any other. Mars is a doer, while Mercury is a thinker. Mercury knows the odds, while Mars is ready to beat them. He may challenge you with his verbal skill, or even raise a doubt every once and awhile, but never means any harm, and is always ready to "do the talking", and you'll be glad he did.

Love and Romance

As an Aries Woman, you know your own mind and aren't worried about expressing it. This is like love potion number 9 to him, who can't stand anyone they find boring. You both are passionate about being active and social, and you're likely to love the fact that he is so imaginative and youth oriented; it's been said that Gemini people may age, but they never grow old. His imagination can keep your romantic fantasies ablaze virtually forever, and he'll always be ready to surprise you with something new. He might be notorious for being late from time to time, but will always have a way of talking himself out of trouble. You can trust that if he did not truly love you, he would not be around at all.

The Keys to Success

Don't be boring.

Unless Gemini finds you to be an endless source of stimulation, he'll look for it elsewhere. Keep coming up with plans, ideas and enthusiasm, and let him handle the details. He'll be willing to try anything once, and his cool collected gift of gab is a perfect compliment to your enthusiasm and passion.

Be patient with his gregarious ways.

Try not to become upset with his gregarious ways, because he just doesn't understand possessiveness, and doesn't get jealous. This does not mean that he's not loyal, but you have to understand that for a Gemini, friendship and love are not the same things, and he expects both to be a part of his life. He can get distracted easily, but that doesn't mean he's lost interest.

Don't lose faith in him.

If he loves you he loves you for who you are; for your fire and passion, not for some kind of idealistic image that has long since ceased to be of interest to him. You don't need to play a role with him, so don't try to make him play a role with you.

Final Score: Aries Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 80%.

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