Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman Leo Man

Our Aries Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 9. This is an excellent pairing of signs; both of you are Fire Signs, and immediately understand each other. There probably is a kind of mutual bond that will hold you together from the first meeting.

The difference in the actual qualities between you (Cardinal) and him (Fixed) can easily be overcome through being considerate, and this can easily become a near perfect relationship.

The Elements

Both are Fire - When two Fire Signs get together, there is no end to the enthusiasm and faith that the relationship thrives on. Once you begin to get used to his sincere devotion, your admiration of his inner and outer strength will cause the fires of your passions to blaze higher than you might imagine they will.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - A Leo Man, being born under a Fixed Sign, is always practical and sensible, and a typical Aries Woman may take this as being overly cautious or stubborn. There may also be occasional friction over how he has the ability to unconsciously grab the spotlight; it seems that attention gravitates toward him, whether he works to gain that attention or not.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs the Sun - The two planets that rule your signs are in natural harmony with one another. Both are of a fiery nature, and are ambitious, proud and forceful. Mars, however, will tend to fight for what they want, while the Sun, your Leo's planet, expects it to come to him. Remember that your sign is where the Sun is on its throne, and that if you forget this astrological fact, he will remind you.

Love and Romance

There are times when this relationship might flare up, but you both have distinct qualities that each other need in life. He will help you slow down and take it easy; he is an excellent advisor or counselor, and has a warm and generous way of going about it. He loves your drive and enthusiasm, and will never run out of compliments and encouragement. If either of you has a reason to give the other an icy stare, the warmth of the two fire signs will melt it; the chemistry between these signs is usually close to perfect.

The Keys to Success

Never command him to do anything.

This is usually the biggest cause of arguments between couples of these signs; Leo simply does not respond well to commands. If you want a Leo to do something, you need to ask. If you add a little flattery or a compliment or two into the request, you'll have a happy and loyal Lion on your hands.

Don't ignore him.

He's a good advisor, and can probably help you out with many things you never knew you needed help on. Leo Men are also usually very handy with tools and such; your Leo won't worry much about your spending, but if you have something you need done, ask him first; chances are you can save it for having fun with "your hero."

Trust him.

He thrives on the faith that others have in him, and when he loves someone, he expects it to be for keeps, even if secretly. The attention he attracts from others doesn't mean what you think it might; he cannot help but be friendly. Give him plenty of rope; he won't hang himself, but understand that he's not looking for a social butterfly as a mate.

Final Score: Aries Woman Leo Man compatibility = 90%.

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