Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman Libra Man

Our Aries Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements match and the qualities are the same this is a good situation; the complementary natures of Mars and Venus help as well.

The value systems of the signs are different, due to the nature of the exalted planets, the Sun and Saturn, but these values balance out well.

The Elements

Fire vs Air - Your fire needs air to burn; his air is moved by your fire. This is a very good match, but requires self control on both sides. Otherwise his air may blow your fire out, or your Fire could turn his gentle breeze into a thunderstorm. It's usually more complicated and seldom that severe; this is a natural harmony.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - One of the meaning of the word Cardinal is leader, and there is bound to be a little conflict when there are no followers, but you lead with your heart, and he leads with his head. More often than not, this makes all the difference in the world, and sets the stage for agreement and understanding between you.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs Venus & Saturn - Mars and Venus are compliments of one another in that the Martian drive of Aries is towards success, and the Venusian drive of Libra is toward harmony, both of which are the same thing from different perspectives. The Sun and Saturn, the exalted planets of your respective signs, can be compliments of each other as well; the Sun is self-seeking, and Saturn is self-reliant, again, the flip side of the same coin.

Love and Romance

The Libra Man may be quite a handful for an Aries Woman, his logic and argumentative skills are unparalleled. If his argument is going nowhere, he'll use his natural Venusian charm to turn enemies into friends. He's likely to be the type who is in love with love, and your fiery passion and energy will give him all the mental and emotional challenges he needs to be happy. He needs peace and harmony the way you need excitement, and he will give you all the excitement you could hope for, as long as you understand that the chemistry is right between you. He may describe it with the poetry of his words and ways; you will certainly feel the fire blaze up when he does.

The Keys to Success

Don't be to commanding, use logic to make points.

Don't think that arguments or a commanding tone will bring him into line. Both of you want to "win" in any encounter, but the Libran logic is a formidable weapon, after which he'll turn on the charm. If you need to give him a little food for thought, use the same kind of logic on him that he uses on you. Ask him if he wants to starve to death while deciding what to eat, and he'll pay attention.

Don't try to push him into making a decision.

That will only cause him to deliberate even longer. Give him plenty of time and listen to his pros and cons. He'll be glad to share his thought-processes with you, but don't try to speed them up; it's a distraction he can hardly bear.

Beware of his work and rest cycles.

He will work like a maniac for a long time, and then rest; don't accuse him of being lazy when he's in that phase; he really needs it. Focus on what you love about him; his optimism, kindness, friendliness and his incredibly romantic nature, and think about what you'll be up to when he's busy again.

Final Score: Aries Woman Libra Man compatibility = 90%.

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