Zodiac Love Matches

Aries Woman

Our Aries Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 5. Although the chemistry between you is excellent, it's rare for the Pisces to initiate it. The Fire and Water elements are essentially antagonistic to one another, and because an Aries Woman is Cardinal as well, the Pisces Man feels he must utilize his Mutable skills to adapt.

Mars' aggressive nature can be directed by the idealism of Jupiter, but can easily become distracted and lost through the Pisces co-ruler, Neptune. Common interests can easily boost this relationship by an extra point.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - As you well know, Water can quench fire, and Fire can evaporate water, and Pisces represents the ocean depths, not a raindrop. The Pisces Man will live in a world of imagination, while yours is one of action, but sometimes you need the imaginative and accepting kind of love that Pisces offers.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Mutable - Cardinal leadership qualities and Mutable adaptability match, but Pisces is the most changeable of them all, and almost impossible to pin down to opinion and firm action. He will follow your lead, but this may not always be what you want.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus - Your Martian nature will be inspired by the Jupiterian ideals, but has a problem with the indirect and elusive nature of Neptune. Your Solar pride that comes from the Sun's exaltation is complimented by the harmony and beauty-oriented ways of the Pisces Man. If you have the same interests, these planets will work well together.

Love and Romance

Piscean Men are often gentle and imaginative dreamers who revel in secrets and mysteries; the mysteries of the human heart or theoretical physics are their regular stomping grounds. An Aries Woman usually needs and seeks a strong and ambitious partner, but shared interest in the sciences, metaphysics or the arts can bring you together in an endearing and enduring way. He is pretty slippery when it comes to commitment, and rarely meets attack with counterattack; where you face life in a headstrong way, he's more likely to avoid any kind of confrontation that would force him to take a stand that defines his role. At the same time, he possesses an immense amount of charm and physical charisma, and doesn't mind your being the boss from time to time.

The Keys to Success

He needs to hear your optimism and encouragement.

He is more likely to live up to the kind of romantic idealism you crave, yet is so quick to change his mind, tactics or opinion that you may find it difficult to trust him. Putting pressure on him may seem pointless, because he will turn the situation to his advantage by making you feel guilty or by finding a way to evoke your honest sympathy. He needs your optimism and encouragement; this is a big part of what he loves about you.

He may ignore your demands for action and attention.

He will almost always express his devotion in the most exciting, creative and romantic ways, as long as you give plenty of support to his ideals and dreams. He will occasionally spend time with his imagination, and may ignore your demands for action and attention, but what he brings forth from his inner world may be more valuable than you might imagine.

The ball is in your court.

The chemistry between you is excellent, but it's rare for the Pisces to initiate it. He may avoid long-term commitment, and will do almost anything to avoid being caught up in the world of competitive activity. If you are willing to do the footwork, you'll find him to be a devoted and loyal partner.

Final Score: Aries Woman Pisces Man compatibility = 50%.

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