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Aries Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements are the same, and Aries generally gets along better with mutable sign-people than those of the fixed group. Mars and Jupiter do very well together in that Jupiter's nature seems to have a way of giving Mars purpose.

If mutual trust can be developed early on in the relationship, things can work out very well.

The Elements

Both are Fire - Two people born under fire signs almost always feel an instant attraction for one another and immediate passion when they are together. Both of you are optimistic and friendly as part of your fiery natures. A relationship between an Aries woman and a Sagittarius Man is always exciting.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Mutable - Although both you and he are active and original, he is quite a bit more changeable than you are. He is also likely to be more easily distracted than you are; both of these characteristics can inspire jealousy in you, but if he admits his love for you, he really means it.

The Planets

Mars vs Jupiter - Mars and Jupiter are one of the most effective teams among the planets. Mars feels good about Jupiter's guidance; Mars gives Jupiter the energy it needs to point the way. Sometimes your Mars-based determination gets upset by the way a Sagittarian Man's urge to expand his knowledge and territory may lead him on adventures, but the comfort and compatibility between you is assured.

Love and Romance

He is not one to make commitments lightly, especially romantic ones. He's more likely to remain a bachelor than any other sign. Yet the chemistry is so good between you that he may be ready to take you on his adventures and be a part of your life, as long as his freedom is not compromised. He is not one to wait forever to state his intentions; if he tells you that he loves you, he's done one of the most difficult things that he can do. You'll love the Sagittarian Man's honesty and forthrightness, even when his bluntness and sometimes clumsy way of expressing himself gets on your nerves. He'll treasure your optimism, independence and faith forever, as long as you extend your trust to him.

The Keys to Success

Don't let jealousy enter your relationship.

Both of you are intensely passionate, affectionate and sincere, and his sense of giving is strong; you're very well matched physically, emotionally and mentally. The biggest obstacle in a relationship with him is that you will find it difficult not to be jealous of him. He has an open and gregarious manner, and acting in what you consider to be a suspicious way around other women is part of his nature. Express your faith in him openly, however, and his sense of honor will cause him to give you a reason to trust him.

Don't try to make a homebody out of him.

Almost everything he's interested in, and everything he likes to do, happens outside the home. Even in this day of internet communication, he's always looking for new territories to explore and exciting things to do. Try to corral this man, and he'll figure out a way to jump over the fence.

Remember that you are both sincere and honest.

He is as sincere and honest as you are, and if something is happening in the relationship that he does not like, he won't stuff it in the hopes that things change. Let him talk freely. He doesn't need the reassurance that other signs do, but he needs, and loves the chance to express himself.

Final Score: Aries Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 80%.

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