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Aries Woman Scorpio Man

Our Aries Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility rating is 6. Water can control Fire, and the idea of control is seldom expressed better than it is by the Scorpio. You're born in a Cardinal Sign, and he is born in a Fixed Sign, and is essentially immovable as far as his emotional nature is concerned.

You both share the same planet, Mars, but since the discovery of Pluto, it has been assigned to Scorpio as well. Scorpio is a tough match for an Aries Woman.

The Elements

Fire vs Water - Water can be evaporated and controlled eventually by fire, but it's much easier to control Fire with Water, and the Scorpio knows this. Scorpio relates to the depth and coldness of water, and is more like ice, which has to be melted before it can be heated, and that takes a lot of work.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - Cardinal and Fixed signs can get along well if the elements and planets are in harmony, but in this case, these harmonies are not easy for you to adapt to. He however, takes a serious attitude to everything he does, and can be intensely loyal and protective of your feelings and actions.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs. Mars (and Pluto) - You could say that the way the Scorpio Man handles Mars is very different from the way an Aries Man does, because with the latter you have a common bond of outgoing and innocent behavior, while the Scorpio is cool and calculating in his ways. Pluto is so far away from the Sun that it barely receives any light from it; your natural warmth needs to be turned up a little to warm this man's heart.

Love and Romance

Aries can forget hurts and slights quickly and move on; but your man never forgets. His Plutonian nature takes an interest in the darker mysteries of human life, where you tend to be more lighthearted. He's not usually one to offer the kind of attention that you require, but your independence and boldness are likely to attract him. His magnetism and masculinity are hard to resist, and your physical chemistry is powerful to the point of being overwhelming, to both of you. When his romantic needs are taken care of at home, he becomes completely immune to the seductions of other women and a totally trustworthy mate.

The Keys to Success

He is cool, and you are hot.

Your independent and spirited nature is a powerful factor in Scorpio's attraction to you, but he will try to help you become as cool and well-poised as he is. If you can see your way to developing self-control when it comes to your fiery emotions, you'll have him for keeps. But don't try to make him adapt to your outwardly expressive emotional patterns; he won't.

Scorpio Men are never lukewarm;

They never take half-measures when working to achieve their goals. This is partly why they attract the attention of other women so easily. It will be hard to avoid being jealous of this man, although he can be totally trustworthy.

Patience is needed for the strong, silent type.

It takes a lot of patience for an Aries Woman to put up with the silent and secretive nature of a Scorpio Man. It's not that he doesn't talk about things; he just doesn't talk much about himself. He'll talk about what he does, but not who he is. From his deep and powerful passion comes a strength that is almost impossible to resist, or to overcome; a typical Scorpio is what used to be called "the strong, silent type."

Final Score: Aries Woman Scorpio Man compatibility = 60%.

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