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Aries Woman Taurus Man

Our Aries Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 6. A Taurus Man may be a little too steady, sure and undemonstrative for the taste of an Aries Woman. Yet Mars and Venus, the planetary rulers, are compliments of one another, and the two sign's exalted planets, the Sun and Moon, are also complimentary.

With a little knowledge, the compatibility of these two could be rated at a 7.

The Elements

Fire vs Earth - You're likely to recognize his stability and solid nature straight away; this is the nature of the Earth Element. There may be times when he seems a little too steady or quiet for your fiery nature, but no one is more protective or affectionate.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - While you like to get things going, he likes to put things to use in a practical way. His sense of and need for security is unparalleled, and it may be hard to get him excited about things; these qualities result from his being born in a Fixed Sign.

The Planets

Mars & the Sun vs Venus & the Moon - You're born under a sign of Mars and he's born under Venus; these planets are considered to be opposites in nature, and, yes, opposites do attract. He'll have qualities that you admire; steadfastness, loyalty and practicality, and is very secure about who he is and what he's doing. A relationship with a Venus-ruled Taurus man can help your fiery Mars energy become concentrated, focused and more deliberate in its action. Aries is the throne of the Sun and Taurus is the throne of the Moon; these two "lights" have opposite but complimentary natures as well. This is why he thinks in terms of security, home and family; the Moon, who is in charge of these aspects of human life, is very comfortable in his sign.

Love and Romance

The two of you are of different elemental natures, you being born under a Fire Sign, and him being born under an Earth Sign. He is very dependable and practical, which is often just what you need, but he doesn't join in with emotional outbursts. He's also not one to express his feelings easily; you'll know they're there, but you won't be able to avoid wondering why he doesn't seem to get excited about things. Since you're a Cardinal sign, and he's "Fixed" you may wonder why he's so deliberate and stubborn about things. He thinks in terms of security and is not one to take risks; for some Aries women, this is difficult.

The Keys to Success

Let your him handle shared business matters.

If you provide the ideas and energy, he'll take care of the stability and security. At the same time, he'll only move forward when he is certain that he can handle the burden, and trying to make him do otherwise is futile, because he does not like "risky business."

Don't try to get a rise out of him by making him jealous.

He is not a jealous person, and behaving in that way is one of the few things he finds distasteful. Just because he shout his love for you from the rooftops, don't think that he doesn't care. It takes an awful lot of hurt for him to react with anger, and you don't want to have an angry Taurus on your hands.

Steady and continuous effort = stability and security.

Making the steady and continuous effort to please him will be worth it because of the stability and security you gain in return. He is possessive, but not disloyal; he won't leave a pasture he truly loves.

Final Score: Aries Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 60%.

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