Aries: March 21 - April 19

How to Attract an Aries Man

Want to know how to attract an Aries man? To attract an Aries man demonstrate that like him, that you have an active life and enjoy socializing. Do not talk with him about your vegetable garden or your evenings at home reading or playing with your cat.

Instead, mention that you play tennis or go running a few times a week, or talk about the great party you went to where everyone played volleyball on the beach. After you have hooked his interest, let him take the conversation over for a while as he tells you about himself.

Let him make the first move

The first thing to know about how to attract an aries man is let him make the first move. Aries men usually prefer to take the lead in romantic situations.

You can let him know you are not immune to his appeal, but let him make the first move.

An excellent way to express your openness to his advances is to compliment him. Notice what he is proud of (this won't be hard as Aries does tend to boast a bit) and make appreciate remarks on his achievements.

Make sure that you only laugh with him, never at him. Many rams find teasing confusing, particularly when it comes from an attractive woman. Your Aries wants to know that you see him as something of a hero, not as comic relief.

Always be honest with him

Make it clear to him that you practice honesty in all your relationships. An Aries will not be amused by a story of how adroitly you wiggled out of an awkward situation by telling a white lie.

If you must change plans you made with him, make it very clear that you have an emergency to deal with so he does not think you are playing games.

Appeal to his physical drive

Aries has a strong physical drive and does not see the need to dissemble about who and what he finds attractive. You will probably pick up right away on which of your physical assets pique his interest. Without being obvious about it, dress to highlight those aspects of your appearance.

Demonstrate that you are comfortable in your body by doing active things together, showing that you can match his energy. Aries men like adventure and they want a mate who keep up and share in the adventure.

Don't expect him to adhere to current norms

Most Aries don't care much about adhering to social expectations. Do not be surprised if he arrives to pick you up on a date wearing something far from the current men's fashions.

He may also, without being aware of it, behave in unusual ways simply because he puts so much attention on his own goals and ideals. Instead of acting embarrassed, let him know that you consider his nonconformity a sign of strength.

Criticize him as little as possible

One of the most important thing you should remember about how to attract an aries man is not to criticize him often (or ever).

If you must criticize him, choose your words carefully. Although to other people Aries men can seem careless and even selfish, they perceive themselves as exuberant and enthusiastic. They can be surprisingly fragile if someone for whom they care deeply seems not to appreciate their joie de vivre.