Aries: March 21 - April 19

How to Attract a Aries Woman

An Aries Woman is the ultimate individualist, choosing a personal style and means of self expression which may sometimes differ from the culture around them. Aries sees this as a positive trait, a sign of their uniqueness and that they are ahead of the pack.

If you prefer a relationship with someone who colors inside the lines, look to women from a different zodiac sign. Aries women expect their mates to provide support during the times when others may criticize them for being outside the mainstream.

Accept and respect her

An Aries woman tends to seek partners who value their bold confidence. Aries dislikes subterfuge so this woman will lay her cards on the table about who she is and what she needs.

Female rams want partners who will accept them on their own terms and respect their abilities. They may select a partner who outwardly seems a surprising match for them to have a relationship where they do not have to compromise their assertive style.

Show her strength and confidence

An Aries woman also want partners whom they can respect so they rarely choose shrinking violets. If you want an Aries woman to find you intriguing, project confidence without appearing domineering. Pique her interest by letting her know about your achievements and adventures.

Remember to ask about her experiences as well, Aries women want to be co-pilots, not cheerleaders.

Provide excitement and adventure

Your Aries woman is not a princess looking to be swept off her feet, but she will appreciate it when you offer her opportunities for adventure.

For your first date, you might ask her to spend the morning on a climbing wall with you, followed by lunch. As the relationship advances, continue to think a bit outside the box rather than in terms of stereotypical romantic activities.

For Valentine's Day, an Aries woman might prefer a surfboard to a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses. Her idea of a romantic vacation may include mountain biking rather than a luxury resort on a beach. Whatever her interests and tastes, she will also expect to have as much say as you in choosing your couple activities.

Don't expect to be the boss

Do not be surprised if she makes the first move romantically. Aries' sense of adventure includes all aspects of physical experience. Unless the Aries you are dating is very immature, be prepared for a woman who has a strong idea of what she wants. Aries brings both creativity and passion to every aspect of life and expects the same from her partners.

Although she may develop a domestic skill or two, Aries usually does not want to spend a lot of time and energy tending to a house. If you can't live without an impeccably clean home and daily gourmet meals, you will need to do at least 50% of the work yourself or have the money to hire household help.

If money is tight, you may have to be the one to exercise restraint in spending and occasionally (tactfully) curb her impulsivity. An Aries woman is always finding new enthusiasms and wants to spend money on new toys for her latest hobby.