Aries: March 21 - April 19

Aries in Love

An Aries in love is not someone who will be content with a lengthy, ethereal courtship, reading poetry together and communing spiritually through eyes and auras. The Aries 'I am' energy demands physical expression.

Aries likes to get to the point quickly, both in conversation and in love, so be prepared for a whirlwind romance if you and a ram hit it off on the first date. As they age, they retain their emphasis on the physical aspects of relationship, but begin to have a deeper appreciation of things like holding hands and snuggling.


Aries tends to move confidently through life and therefore can have a hard time understanding other people's insecurities. They usually prefer a self-sufficient mate who won't bog them down with a lot of complicated emotional needs.

The exception to this is the old-fashioned kind Aries man who may seek a "damsel in distress" to complement his image of himself as a knight in shining armor. They avoid partners who try to corral them into a rigid schedule.


Since Aries' communication style tends to be honest even to the point of bluntness, they sometimes interpret hesitation or indecision on the part of a mate as a form game playing. If you want to keep an Aries interested in you, make sure you communicate clearly and honestly with them.

They can be very idealistic about love, so if they feel betrayed, they feel justified in venting their anger on you for shattering those ideals. If you enter a long-term relationship with a ram, make sure you both have a clear understanding of the ground rules to avoid future arguments.


Unless they come from a very conservative background, Aries may prefer more open relationship arrangements which do not restrict their freedom.

Although Aries adventurous nature can get them into trouble, rams usually get their wild oats phase out of the way early and then settle down to monogamy later in life.


Even when in love, Aries are people like to be in charge. Some express this preference quite openly, while others, especially the more traditional type of Aries woman, prefer to steer the relationship from behind the scenes.

Although their emotional buoyancy can make it appear that they do not need reassurance, most Aries crave compliments. Show you appreciate their boldness and express admiration at their skills in their professional field or favorite sport.

If you want a lifetime partnership with an Aries, be prepared to balance some of their faults. They dislike dealing with details, either hire someone to handle the small stuff, or take care of the details yourself without carping about the ram's preference for looking only at the big picture.


Aries in love can be impulsive, so their partners need to know how to pull them back without seeming to thwart them. Many Aries can lose their tempers easily, but most of them also recover quickly: the ideal mate for an Aries will be able to retain their equanimity.

You may also need to take the time to teach your Aries how to experience emotional intimacy. Aries usually values self-reliance very highly and has to learn that they can trust someone and share their feelings without losing their identity.

Depending on the maturity of the ram, they may just be starting this lesson when you meet them, or may already have made some steps toward realizing how to share deeper aspects of their being.