Aries: March 21 - April 19

The Aries Man

So you're interested in an Aries Man? If you're looking for excitement, he may just be your cup of tea; there's never a dull moment with Aries - he's always got something going on, ...and he will never let you down.

But if it's serenity and security that you're looking for, he may not be your type. Although it's the nature of men born in this sign of Mars to be warm and passionate, if he feels insulted or fenced-in, he'll rapidly become like the planet itself; distant and cold.

Move quickly

An Aries can be generous, sometimes to a fault, but can be really impatient with those who take things slowly.

The Aries man is usually a very passionate and creative person, always full of ideas and ardor; if you find it easy to keep up with this human dynamo, you know that there's something wrong.

The average Aries man is likely to look younger than his age, but hates "high school games" in romantic situations. He may become quite selfish and demanding when something stands between him and his desires.

Don't slow him down

He will dive into almost anything that excites him head-first, and when it comes to love, he will declare himself quickly, making it difficult to believe that there is, or can be, any love greater and more passionate than his.

If the going gets tough between you, he'll do whatever he can to pull things back together, but if the differences are too great between you and you decide to take some time off, chances are that he'll be ready to take the plunge elsewhere, starting up with the same enthusiasm all over again.

Usually, when an Aries man comes to the end of a relationship, rather than moping or giving up on love, he just convinces himself that the "right one for me" is to be found in his next romantic adventure!

If he's in, he's all in

But the Aries man is not an inconstant mate; he will give his all in any relationship.

Even those who are quiet and mild on the surface have all the passion burning inside, running his mind at top speed. It's hard for them to hide that passion, and when they do, it's usually because of their desire not to make a mistake, and lose control of their brash and bold inner drives in "polite company."

There are very few people on earth who can be as faithful as an Aries man in love; if they incite jealousy, it's because of their natural forwardness, and honest good nature.

The planet Mars is the planet of soldiers, and every make born under its sign is ready to fight for their cause and their ideals, and when in love, they are the same way about their romantic commitments.

Keep the love alive

The biggest problem in a relationship with an Aries lies in keeping the love alive; his need for romance strong, and he needs to be constantly reassured your devotion, excitement and desire to take love to new heights.

Don't ever let him think that "this" is "as good as it gets." If you do so, you'll find that he'll never stop finding new and exciting ways to prove himself to you.