Aries: March 21 - April 19

An Aries Relationship

So you're interested in an Aries relationship? Your Aries believes that every relationship holds within it the promise of wonder and enchantment, and they tend to innocently approach each one with a degree of blind faith.

An Aries will almost always extend their trust gladly: until they are disappointed by the abuse of that trust. By the time the Aries has reached adulthood, they've probably been victimized by this kind of disappointment more than once, so don't say one thing and do another if you want to maintain your friendship with them. They have the strength to bounce back, so if your Aries recounts a past hurt, and says that they've moved on, they are telling the truth.

Strong needs

Not only are Aries' physical needs for closeness and caring strong, but their emotional needs are too. It's almost as if an Aries person demands love; even in casual social situations they hate being ignored.

These strong needs can also cause them to move forward without considering the consequences, which is something every Aries needs to learn how to do. They also have a tendency to move a little too fast when trying to satisfy their emotional needs; this can cause misunderstandings that are really hard to resolve.

Aries relationships: the down side

Just about the only thing that can cause panic in an Aries is the fear of abandonment. If you're not returning their calls or posting to their Facebook page, they'll get worried, and even desperate.

Aries people are bold, impulsive and even a little reckless, so the combination of these character traits often causes them to worry about what they did wrong when there are signs that their relationships are in danger.

Competitive and aggressive

The competitive nature and aggressiveness Aries is known for certainly comes out in the realm of relationships. Some people have a tough time getting into the rhythm of their active and adventurous nature.

A typical Aries is likely to put more energy into thinking about what they're going to do next than they do into their conversations or connections with others. Almost every Aries needs to learn to slow down and give themselves time to find out if they're being understood before moving on to the next adventure, next topic or next person.

Good communication counts for a lot in relationships, and avoiding misunderstandings by taking it slow can make for a very happy Aries.

A little blunt

Some authors say that people born under Aries are inconsiderate or thoughtless, but that's being a little harsh. Those born in the sign of the Ram are always on the go and so busy giving their all to their immediate situation that every once and a while something slips past their "diplomatic filters."

Although Aries can be quite adept socially, when they feel that their freedom is threatened, or someone tries to distract them from what they are doing, they can be quite blunt.

Your Aries friend could benefit from making an effort to cultivate a tactful, diplomatic way to say no. They would also find themselves much happier if they worked on more diplomatic ways to get to a "yes" when working together with others.