Aries: March 21 - April 19

Aries Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Aries sign? Aries (the Ram) is the 1st sign of the Zodiac, the leader of the procession of the Zodiacal troupe. They like to be first in everything they do. When you think of the Aries sign meaning, think: leader of the pack.

The Zodiac was developed in the Northern hemisphere where Aries has been considered, since the 2nd century, as the first day of Spring, the time of year where nature is born anew and begins to show signs of growth and activity after the quiet time of Winter. Aries is the first of the Cardinal signs, the group of four signs upon which the seasons pivot.

They are called Movable signs in the east, which more accurately describes the Aries sign meaning; these are the signs that inspire and motivate others to get things moving. Aries is also the first of the Fire Signs, and like fire, will always blaze forward in search of new fuel.

Because fire is the most competitive and consuming of the "Four Elements" (Fire, Water, Air and Earth), Aries is always testing its environment, looking for new ways to satisfy its needs.

House of Mars, throne of the Sun

Each sign has a specific relationship with the visible planets, and by extension, those which were discovered long after the Zodiac was established. Since most ancient times Aries meaning has been linked with the red planet Mars, named after the ancient god of war.

Mars signifies the survival instinct, and represents those facets of human nature that gives us the ability to compete, expand our territory and act on our own behalf. In ancient times Aries was called "the house of Mars" meaning that Mars is responsible for what goes on in the physical and psychological life of people born in this sign.

The Sun is said to be "exalted" here; this represents the self-directed and self-concerned nature of people born under the sign of the Ram. The Sun, being the "king" of the planets, begins to show its greatest strength in the beginning of spring.

Aries basic nature

Aries, being both a moveable and fire sign, is more typical of the fiery nature than any of the others. Fire is always moving; it is never content to sit and wait for fuel to come to it. The same is true of the Aries person; they are much more likely to initiate a conversation than to wait for someone to walk up and introduce themselves.

Because Mars represents the most basic drive of human beings, the instinct for survival, those born under Aries usually feel threatened if their needs aren't being met. The Solar Nature of Aries is usually expressed in their belief that they have a good reason for what they do, even if they can't express it fully.

Aries people are seldom found at the negotiating table; although handy in competition, compromise is something Mars has a hard time with. Venus, the planet of cooperation, cooperation and peace is in its "detriment" in Aries, and Saturn, the planet of patience and persistence, is said to be fallen in this sign.

What this means is that Aries will usually cooperate when it sees an advantage to doing so. It also signifies the fact that Aries is the most impatient sign of the Zodiac.