Aries: March 21 - April 19

Aries Traits

Aries traits are represented by the headstrong and resilient ram. Ruled by action-oriented, energetic Mars and personified by the warm and intuitive element of fire, Aries natives are considered by many to be the fearless leaders of the pack when it comes to the human race.

Aries occupies the first position in the sequence of the zodiac. We list the major traits associated with this courageous and headstrong sign below:

Sociable and Extroverted

Like many fire signs, Aries is without a doubt a social entity. These are people who far prefer being around others to being alone and they especially enjoy people and situations that challenge them to seek, explore, and evolve. Thanks to their Martian rulership, Aries natives also love to compete and welcome people into their lives who can give them a run for their money when it comes to their areas of interest.

Brutally Honest and Temperamental

Another direct result of this sign's Mars rulership and connection to the fire element is the trademark Aries penchant for biting, brutal honesty. In fact, some may describe Aries as being honest almost to the point of lacking social grace altogether. The effect of this quality is only amplified by what can most certainly be a fearsome, explosive temper. Aries tends to open its mouth and speak before it thinks which can naturally lead to trouble. However, drama makes an Aries feel alive on some level, so some may start arguments for the sheer fun of arguing. Thankfully, Aries is every bit as quick to forgive as it is to rise to anger or dramatics.

Impatient and Take-Charge

Patience is not really Aries's strong suit and "slow and steady" is not a motto you'd find an Aries native likely to adopt. (In fact, they are considered by astrology experts to be the least patient people in the entire zodiac.) These are folks that do everything at an accelerated pace and this need for expediency can permeate even their ways of walking and talking. These are also aggressive folks who don't hesitate to take the bull by the horns when life demands it of them. Natural born leaders, Aries natives like to face life head on and will rarely (if ever) shy away from a challenge.

Courageous and Generous

Although Aries is without a doubt a sign that looks out for number one, it is also a sign that is very much about generosity and altruism as well. Many Aries natives are among the first to help those in need and their Mars-inspired courage often means that they are even willing to do so if it means personal sacrifice or peril for them. They are fearless and unafraid of conflict, making them excellent people to have on your side in a time of crisis.

Optimistic and Forward-Thinking

An Aries never does anything half way. They either go big or go home. They also never, ever give up no matter what life throws their way. In the rare instance life does get them down, you can rest assured that this is a temporary situation. They'll come back even stronger and more determined than before. It's no wonder they are almost always people who come out ahead of the pack when all is said and done at the end of the day.