How Astrology Works

To learn how astrology works one must understand it's core concepts. We list and explain them in this section using simple terms and plain english.

So many people have heard statements about astrology that don't make sense, don't add up, or simply are not true. It can be difficult to pierce the "noise" of this misinformation and get to the truth. Thanks to information here, that kind of difficulty need not be a problem for you.

A Short History

Originally medicine and astrology were part and parcel one another, but the medicine practiced in ancient times was not like the medicine of today. Ancient medical practice was based on a holistic paradigm, in which the physical constitution and psychological temperament were thoroughly assessed. This tradition has survived in natural healing methods such as traditional Chinese medicine and Homeopathy.

The characteristics of the horoscope were designed on the basis of these temperament types, and only later were they merged with mythology and mysticism. It was discovered early on that the cycles of nature could be plotted, and that various celestial events coordinated with changes in the temperament, and therefore changes in character.

Eventually the study of constitution and temperament led to definitions of different temperament-types, and through other studies, such as geometry, the Zodiac was designed as a simple diagram of the temperament and a way to gauge the effects of various celestial omens that could affect one's happiness, and therefore the probability of success in one's ventures.

It was also discovered that working to activate the various elements and qualities in order to balance the temperament, that healing would take place, or success would come where there was previously failure. Over hundreds of years, the system of astrology was refined and developed into a system of lifestyle management, some of the principles of which are being re-introduced into the worlds of counseling and medical practice.

Learning how Astrology Works

The good news is that it's not difficult; the basic principles of astrology are easy to learn and understand. We have gathered the core concepts and boiled them down to their essentials here in this "astrology" section of the website. If you take the time to learn about just the elements and the planets, your knowledge of astrology will be vastly expanded. It will also provide you with additional understanding and insights into many other aspects of astrology.

After you understand the influence and meaning of the elements and planets, learn about the aspects, polarities, and the qualities. When you have done this, we believe that you will have a better understanding and knowledge of how astrology "works", than 99 percent of the population today.