Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Aries Man

Our Cancer Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 7. The planets of your signs work well together. Although the elements, Fire and Water, are naturally opposites, you are both born under Cardinal signs.

Many matches between Aries and Cancer can be rated even higher, depending on specific birth charts. Curiously this relationship/pairing is often found in a workplace or educational situation.

The Elements

Water vs Fire - The difference between Water (you) and Fire (him) is somewhat cautionary; you have to be careful not to dampen his fiery enthusiasm by expressing too many worries or fears about the future, and you have to be careful not to get too "steamed" over his unfailing optimism, especially in money matters.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - Being born under Cardinal Signs, you are both natural leaders, although you are less likely to be so open about your courage and drive. This may surprise him, but it won't hurt his pride; it's more likely to increase it. He's likely to be less motivated by security, but he won't be willing to ruin the relationship by acting in a way that undermines the security your building for the both of you.

The Planets

The Moon & Jupiter vs Mars & the Sun - Although his Martian moods flare up according to the circumstances, your Lunar ones tend to come and go cyclically; let him know about this, and even if he doesn't understand it, he'll work with it. Having Jupiter's throne in your sign is also a great help; Jupiter gives your man a sense of purpose for his irrepressible Solar pride and desires.

Love and Romance

Chances are good that an Aries Man will see a Cancer Woman as just the kind of woman he's looking for, and offer his shoulder for you to cry on, his laughter for your jokes, and his never-ending appetite for your care and your love. He'll almost always be ready for whatever form of care you give him, whether at the dinner table or in more intimate situations. He can be a very good match for you, as long as you don't smother him with care, or try to keep him on a short leash. You'll need to learn to let go from time to time, and that's difficult for a Cancer Woman.

The Keys to Success

Avoid any jealous thoughts.

Try to avoid being jealous of him; even if the relationship has not officially started you may have a sense of insecurity when he starts behaving in his social, gregarious way. One way to prevent this from coming up is by being a little more outgoing yourself; use your brilliant sense of humor or your creative talents to get the party started, or to keep it going. He'll find you to be a challenge if you do, and he can't resist a challenge.

Handle the finances, but don't make him feel dependent.

Figure out a simple and direct way to show him how you're handling the finances between you, but never mention money during a romantic moment. It's always a conversation starter with him, and if he sees your success, he'll be happy to let you handle the details; he hates details. Just make sure that you give him enough rope so he doesn't feel dependent; he hates being dependent.

Communicate your faith in him.

Make sure he knows that you have faith in him and his abilities. He needs this kind of reassurance, and without it, he may respond to your loving care by feeling dependent, a thought that really frightens him. Trust in him, and he'll never stop letting you know how much you are loved.

Final Score: Cancer Woman aries Man compatibility = 70%.

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