Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Cancer Man

Our Cancer Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is a 10. Jupiter and the Moon are both friendly planets in general, and the elements and qualities are the same.

This is why astrologers say that Cancer couples are one of the best sign-on-sign matches in the Zodiac.

The Elements

Both are Water - Both of you are part of the same elemental triad, making you equally, and strongly emotional. It also gives other sensitivities; you can be touchy on the one hand, and somewhat psychic on the other.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - The Cardinal quality represents leadership and motivation; this is why neither of you are adverse to working for what you get, or to being proud of what you have. It's also why you are "moved" so easily by emotional stimuli or sentiment.

The Planets

Both are the Moon & Jupiter - The Moon is your sign's ruling planet; it signifies your love of home, family and the past, as well as your changing moods. Jupiter is exalted in your sign, and describes, to an astrologer, why you put "the good things in life" on a pedestal.

Love and Romance

Two Cancer people form one of the happiest couples in the Zodiac. Both of you like good food, extra income and are sensitively emotional; a Cancer Man never has a problem with a Cancer Woman's desire for her own career. Basically the only thing that can go wrong in this pairing is if one member of the couple doesn't want to have children; if one can't they'll adopt. The energy of the exalted Jupiter in this sign causes growth; it's possible if you're part of an unmarried Cancer couple, you'll do so well together financially and socially that you'll decide to "make it official" to take advantage of the monetary benefits. It's part of your nature to be part of a pair. Both of you are romantics, and, unlike some of the other signs, don't feel the need to compete with one another. You and your Cancer Man tend to be moody, but your moods shift regularly, so it's not hard to synch them up. Barring really difficult individual horoscopes, it would be easy to say that Cancer people are made for each other.

The Keys to Success

Be aware of each others sensitive and emotional nature.

Both of you are sensitive, and especially emotionally. Don't be surprised if you see him shed a tear over a movie, or put his hand on his heart when you see the puppy in the window. If he's really sad, or close to depression, it may be because of a financial problem, because one thing Cancer Men fear more than anything else is poverty. But he's likely to trust you to understand this, because you'll have the same fear.

Keeping and sharing secrets.

If your relationship is just beginning, you'll need to deal with the famous Cancerian secrecy issue; neither of you likes others knowing your secrets, and neither of you likes others keeping secrets from you. If you can get past this aspect of your nature early on, you'll avoid many potential problems that have secrecy at its root.

Watch out for the Crab.

All Cancer people have a tendency to be "crabby" at times, but if the signs of the Moon in your individual horoscopes are harmonious, your comfort with each other will far outstrip this adversarial mood. It also pays to check the phases of the Moon by using a calendar or Almanac; you'll be surprised at how quickly you can predict when he will be at his most cuddly, or when you'll be in the most sentimental of moods.

Final Score: Cancer Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 100%.

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