Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Capricorn Man

Our Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements are favorable to one another and the qualities are the same; this is in itself favorable. Your planets have opposite natures, but complement each other and leave room for growth.

Neither of you takes love lightly; with a little cooperation, you could have a 10.

The Elements

Water vs Earth - The Water and Earth elements are automatically in accord with one another, because they complement one another. Water is stored by the earth, and the earth needs water to bring forth life. Since your astral qualities are the same, this is am especially favorable elemental combination.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - Both of your signs have the Cardinal drive to leadership, but you don't mind letting the Capricorn dominate in the personal arena. Since your goals and ideals are very similar, yet have just a measure of difference, there's likely to be little competition in the relationship.

The Planets

The Moon & Jupiter vs Saturn & Mars - Being born into a sign ruled by the Moon, you may sometimes feel restricted or limited by Saturn, but Saturn can bring an extra measure of caution and protection into your life. Jupiter, your exalted planet, can guide Capricorn's exalted Mars by funneling his tremendous ambition and drive into beneficial and idealistic channels.

Love and Romance

Many astrologers tend to play up the differences between the Moon and Saturn, but there are also many similarities; New Moons are about 29 days apart, Saturn returns to the same place among the stars in about 29 years. In the same way, there are many similarities between Cancer and Capricorn. As a Cancer Woman, you have a tremendous need for security and comfort; a Capricorn Man is the same way. You both tend to guard your feelings; you do so because you are sensitive and your feelings are tender, he does so because emotionalism can reduce his efficiency. You both prefer saving things; you do so because of nostalgia, he does so because he can find a way to make almost anything useful. Both of you are ambitious, but in different ways. The physical chemistry between you is usually good, barring problems in the individual horoscopes. This can be a solid, productive and happy relationship.

The Keys to Success

Help him becomes more sensitive to others feelings.

Both of you are patient; you want to avoid making mistakes in order to keep from being hurt, while he wants to avoid wasting the time needed to clean up messes. It would be good to remind him, every once in a while, that people can make a mess of each other's feelings as well.

If he is interested in you, he is serious about it.

He's born in a sign belonging to Saturn, who is not a frivolous planet. He may not seem to be outwardly emotional or go through mood swings like you do, but be assured that he is, his swings are just spread out over a longer period of time.

He needs sympathy and attention as much as you do.

...and appreciates it, because others tend to think he doesn't need it. Don't let his demeanor and poise fool you; he can be the most gentle and considerate of people. Capricorn Men have a reputation for being stingy, but it's not necessarily the case. They put themselves and those whom they love at the top of their list of priorities, and find it difficult to put the resources gained from their hard work to any other use than their security and happiness.

Final Score: Cancer Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 90%.

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