Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Gemini Man

Our Cancer Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is a 5. The elemental mismatch can be worked with, and the qualities are difficult to reconcile because of the planets that rule your signs. This is a relationship that requires a lot of work.

A Gemini Man, being so unwilling to settle down, may have a hard time understanding what it is you really want from a relationship.

The Elements

Water vs Air - The Water element represents your emotions, the Air element represents the Gemini mind. Your feelings can easily get whipped up into a typhoon by his inconsistencies and unreliability, and his elusive conversation. This can lead to arguments, but when things aren't so stormy, it could lead to smooth sailing and good times.

The Qualities

Cardinal and Mutable - Gemini is a Mutable sign and very changeable. Your Cardinal nature gives you a talent for leadership, and it's easy to get Gemini to follow along with your plans. Nevertheless, he often changes his own plans, and it's hard for him to commit to yours. You'll have to take the lead when you can, but use your intuition to avoid boring him when you do.

The Planets

The Moon & Jupiter vs Mercury - The Moon is your planet, Cancer, and it is responsible for your changing moods, as well as your powerful emotions. Gemini's planet is Mercury, which is basically mental in its orientation, and gives the Gemini his gift of gab. Jupiter is on its throne in your sign, and these three together make an excellent traveler's combination; look forward to journeys, road trips and getaways with Gemini.

Love and Romance

Although you like to be prepared for the unexpected, and have a strong nostalgic streak, he cannot understand why you have the tendency to hold on to things. Even in relationships, his attitude is very different from yours; he's far more casual and much less affectionate than you are. His clever ways and his gift of gab may make up for his distracted and unreliable behavior in some ways, but they may not fill your need for sensual enjoyment and attention. Your sense of humor is endearing to him, but there's a good chance that as soon as you think you've broken the ice, he'll change the subject. It may be a defense mechanism that keeps him from being tied down; Gemini Men don't like the idea of "belonging" to another.

The Keys to Success

Don't try to tie him down.

You happen to be born under a patient sign, give things time to find out if he is someone you really want, and if he really wants you. If he does, he will let you know; he's not one to waste time on things that can be taken care of quickly.

He can't stand being bored.

That's why he changes the subject in conversation, or wants to go someplace different whenever he eats out. Try doing things differently when your with him; change your hair often, or try out newer and younger styles of dress; that will really get him going.

Don't let jealousy get between him and his friends.

He is perfectly comfortable with the idea of their being different types of relationship; in fact, he probably could rattle off a list from the top of his head. He loves conversation and activity, and those special times he spends with his comrades (friends with similar interests) are really important to him. You don't want to have to make him choose; try to get him to take you along.

Final Score: Cancer Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 50%.

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