Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Libra Man

Our Cancer Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are antagonistic and the qualities, although the same, have competing interests, due to the ruling and exalted planets.

If you can learn to let go of being suspicious, and he can learn to trust, the relationship can grow by a point very quickly, and maybe two, after you've spent a lot of time together.

The Elements

Water vs Air - The Water and Air elements clash between Cancer and Libra; you'll have to learn to be more tolerant and accepting, while he needs to learn to be more sensitive and sympathetic.

The Qualities

Both are Cardinal - The qualities of the signs are the same, but because of this, you want to take the lead, and so does he. There's a sense of competition between you that's appropriate in the workplace or in school, but is may prevent you from making the adjustments that you both need to make in order to have a happy and balanced relationship.

The Planets

The Moon & Jupiter vs Venus & Saturn - This is a curious blend of planets; your rulers, the Moon and Venus, are naturally friendly to one another, and work together for emotional harmony. But your exalted planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are natural enemies; Jupiter pushes you toward emotional excess, while Saturn pushes him toward emotional restraint. At the same time, Jupiter is what gives you your ability to reach out emotionally, while Saturn gives him the ability to detach himself from his emotions so that his thinking processes remain clear.

Love and Romance

If you are involved with a Libra Man, you probably know that this is one of the most challenging relationships of them all. As a Cancer, you're generally pessimistic, while he is mostly optimistic in his outlook. You tend to be very sensitive, while he, because of his logical nature, is seldom concerned with others' sensitivity. While he can easily shrug off past hurts, Cancer has a problem with letting go. Cancer Women tend to be somewhat possessive, which is in direct contradiction to Libra Men's love of freedom. There is good news, however, both of you are sentimental. Love turns his logic upside down, and causes you to become more trusting. It takes a lot to make this relationship work, but when it does, it can be nothing short of wonderful.

The Keys to Success

He will need to learn to be more sensitive.

He needs to be more sensitive to your desire to be a part of his life; without reassurance and sentimental gestures, it's hard for you to trust him. His magical smile and endless flow of charm may make you suspicious now and then, but if he puts some effort into making sure that you share his activities, especially those unrelated to work, your trust in him will blossom.

Don't nag.

Constant nagging is the surest way to lose his interest. He doesn't like to be hemmed in, and does not understand possessiveness. You'll need to learn to show your concern and care for him without smothering him or causing him to feel like he's being fattened up for the slaughter.

Learn to focus on what you have in common.

You both will have to focus on what you have in common, rather than your differences; both of you experience changing moods, but yours are more regular than his. Learning to be sensitive and affectionate when he is down, and his doing the same can add so much to the relationship that it can make up for many of the problems that you have with one another.

Final Score: Cancer Woman Libra Man compatibility = 50%.

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