Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 5. The elements are not in accord, making it difficult for the qualities to support one another. The planets offer some hope as they indicate you tend to click with his better half.

This relationship requires understanding and patience, ...a tall order for a Sagittarius.

The Elements

Water vs Fire - The elements are not in accord; the two of you have different emotional natures. You have a more nurturing and emotional nature, while his is more impulsive and aggressive. Understanding between you is difficult, but not impossible.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Mutable - You're a direct and determined Cardinal Sign; he's a changeable and adaptable Mutable Sign. If the astral elements were in accord with one another, the qualities would work better together, but they are not, so the relationship will take a lot of work on both your parts.

The Planets

The Moon & Jupiter vs Jupiter - Your ruling planet is the Moon, who is responsible for your cyclically changing moods. His planet is Jupiter, which explains his desire to do everything in a big way. Curiously, his planet is exalted in your sign; you're likely to see the best in him, even when others don't.

Love and Romance

When these two signs are combined in a single horoscope, or define a pair of relationship between business partners, it can be a very positive and prosperous thing, but when they are the Sun-Signs of two people in a romantic relationship, it can be very difficult. Sagittarian Men tend to be very direct and blunt, and innocently disregard the feelings of others. As a Cancer Woman, you may understand that he doesn't intend to be caustic, and that he may be a little too honest for his own good, but his verbal blunders hurt. The way that the impulsive, fiery Sagittarius Man burns up money can also be frustrating to your Cancerian sense of security. But his idealism and optimism will never fail to inspire you, and you'll tend to trust him. Sagittarius Men are also known to be somewhat adverse to commitments, and this is something else you'll have to work on together.

The Keys to Success

Use trust to grant him the freedom he needs.

Your naturally protective and possessive nature can be difficult for him because he is so impulsiveness and enthusiastic. You'll have to use a good deal of caution, and exhibit a tremendous amount of trust in order to give him the freedom he needs to be himself. If he feels stifled, he's likely to become angry and lose his sense of humor, which can make him a very difficult person to be around.

Help him understand your need for security.

Sagittarians tend to be very lucky when it comes to investing and speculation, and are quite generous. This surprising luck may thrill you when they're "on a roll" but no "lucky streak" lasts forever. It will take a lot of patience to work out how someone can be reckless, and a lot of persistence and attention to get him to understand your need for security. Once he does understand, however, he'll turn all his optimism and spirit toward seeing to it that you're happy.

Adapt to each others nature.

You may find it difficult to understand why he is always on the go. He seems to find little comfort in the security you crave, and may not revere the relative permanence of home and family that you do. But you like adventure and fun as much as any woman, and Sagittarius has more than enough to go around. You'll have to make some adjustments in order to adapt to his lightheartedness, just as he will to your charming and serious nature.

Final Score: Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 50%.

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