Cancer: June 21 - July 21

About Cancer

Want to know about Cancer? First and foremost, this is a very domestic water sign. The Crab's two most important priorities are first emotional security and then financial security.

If forced to choose between one or the other, the sensitive Crab will almost always rate emotional security as the most important to them.

Home and family matter more to them than anything else... so they spend their whole life feathering their "nests" and taking care of loved ones and friends.

As water signs, Crabs can appear to be psychic at times. They are very empathetic by nature and have the ability to pick up on the emotions of friends and family. This gives them an uncanny ability to accurately predict the state of mind of those around them, and respond accordingly.

Financial security is not to be dismissed lightly, however. Crabs work hard to achieve financial security and they're very good at holding onto their money. In fact, your definition of financial security is probably not going to be the same as the Crab's definition. They like to be very secure and are willing to work extremely hard to reach the financial goal that they've set for themselves.

They're very careful with their money, too. While they're not so cheap that their pennies squeak when they spend them, they do have a tendency to get their money's worth. They don't mind chasing down a good bargain and are willing to negotiate for a better deal.

They also have a tendency to be drawn to careers that allow them to continue nurturing outside their home; such as in the nursing field, as counselors, as family pediatricians or in the service industry. They also enjoy careers that allow them to spend time on or near the water; such as the captains of boats, life-guarding or as swimming instructors.

Sensitive. Sensitive. Sensitive. You really have to watch what you say around these Crabs because they are very emotional. Their feelings are easily hurt and once hurt they will respond by retreating into their shells and giving you the cold shoulder.

As a water sign, Crabs will be drawn to the water their whole life. Though they don't have to live on the water to be happy, some of their most enjoyable vacations will be spent near the water. They will also have a tendency to enjoy activities such as swimming or boating.

Crabs also spend a lot of their leisure time worrying about things that never happen. They are the consummate worrier and will even worry when they have nothing to worry about. They can't help themselves, they worry about everyone and everything all of the time. This might explain why Crab's tend to suffer from more stomach and intestinal problems than the rest of us. All of that worrying has to take a toll somewhere.

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