Cancer: June 21 - July 21

How to Attract a Cancer Man

Would you like to know how to attract a Cancer man? First of all, never criticize him; despite his tough exterior a Cancer man is sensitive and soft inside.

When in love, the sensitive and caring nature of a Cancer man will take over and they will bend over backwards to please you. However, getting past his exterior shell and to the point of love can be difficult. We have some suggestions:

Get past his tough exterior

Ask Cancer about his childhood or family if you want him to open up to you. Depending on the individual, you may end up hearing him rave about his mother's cooking, reminisce about the fishing trips he took with his father, or complain about how his parents favored his older brother.

The more interest you express in his feelings, the more he will trust you and start to form an emotional bond with you.

Make friends and family matter

Cancer views the world in terms of interconnecting emotional webs--if you do not seem to have any of these he may find you puzzling or even a bit frightening. Establish your image with him as a warm and caring person by talking about your weekly dinners with your family or the annual lakeside vacation you take with your friends from college.

Relationships which carry emotional cargo from the past have special meaning for him, so be sure to mention those. You will find that the Cancer sensitivity often creates a man with good listening skills, who will want to hear about your feelings as well as tell you what he feels.

Provide structure and security

The cliche about Cancers is that they seek a mate who looks like a younger and hotter version of mommy or daddy. While this doesn't hold true in a literal sense (at least for most Cancers), if want to know how to attract a Cancer man, you should know they usually look for a partner who provides them both structure and nurturing.

Cancer may have a fling or two with coolly indifferent adventurers who leave him guessing, but when it comes time to settle down, this man wants to know he can rely on his mate.

Get to know him a bit to find out his personal definition of security-whether he needs a second paycheck to manage the mortgage, a spouse who can cook up a gourmet meal on a nightly basis or someone who will enjoy spending weekends in the garden with him. Then let him know you can provide that version of stability.

Help him heal his wounds

Most Cancers have an Achilles heel, an old internal scar stemming from some past trauma. A partner who provides love and encouragement in this area of weakness will start to become emotionally indispensable to Cancer.

On the other hand, if you betray him by using your knowledge of this pain to inflict hurt during an argument, Cancer will never forgive you. This is probably the most important thing you need to remember about how to attract a Cancer man. Do not intentionally inflict emotional pain in a hurtful way... ever.

Keep close tabs on his mood

Cancer men have the moodiness which characterizes this sign. If he needs to retreat into his shell, give him space and do not take it personally. If you show him that your love remains constant and reliable, he will emerge from his mood ready to make up for it with a romantic evening.