Cancer: June 21 - July 21

How to Attract a Cancer Woman

Want know how to attract a Cancer woman? It's tough to know the Crab. She likes to keep her secrets safe behind a protective shell, but we can help. We will let you in on a few things we know about her.

Even with our help, its going to take quite some time to really know this woman. The best way to get the treasures this Crab has to offer is to wait patiently. Don't try to pry or pull to hard on them, she will release them to you when she is ready.

Other people's opinions matter to Cancer, so it helps if their girlfriends find you attractive. This woman also tends not to see the appeal of extreme fashion statements, but to choose partners whose self-presentation falls within the norms for wherever she lives.

Sweep her off her feet

Most Cancer women are a bit shy and love the old-fashioned, sweep-her-off-her-feet style of romance. A suitor who treats her to dinner at the town's best restaurant, sends thoughtful gifts or serenades her at karaoke night will tempt even the shyest of Cancers out of her shell. Without actually becoming pushy, don't be afraid to get her attention by wooing her a bit.

Show her strength and vulnerability

To establish a deeper rapport with a Cancer woman, you will have to accomplish two things which may seem contradictory: show her your emotional vulnerability yet also demonstrate your strength. If a Cancer woman cannot see your emotional life, she will look at you as if you were member of a different species.

At the same time, she does not want a mate whose emotions get in the way of going to work and taking care of business. A Cancer woman will not consider someone as a mate who does not seem self-sufficient. Let her know how capably and competently you have managed your career, your recent move or the care of your elderly parents.

Speak her language

Emotional currency is Cancer's main means of exchange. For her, shared feelings are the necessary prerequisite to developing a relationship. Tell her about how depressed you were after your sister's death, how betrayed you felt when your boss passed you over for that big promotion or the tenderness you experienced when you held a child for the first time.

Once you talk about things like this, she begins to feel that you speak her language. This is one of the most important things you must remember about how to attract a Cancer woman.

Introduce her to the family

Another thing you must know about how to attract a Cancer woman is that family matters. If things between the two of you become serious, Cancer will want to meet your family fairly soon.

Most Cancer women delight in knowing that not only is their honey crazy about them, their sweetie's parents, siblings, children and extended family also adore them. She will also want you to meet her clan and will expect you to do your best to dazzle them.

For her, this merging of your families forms the gateway to a long-term relationship. Even a Cancer from a very dysfunctional family usually has a group of friends who serve as family to her, who will have to approve of you.

Cancer women dwell in a nest of relationships so if you hate her friends and family that does not bode well for your romance with her.