Cancer: June 21 - July 21

Cancer in Love

A Cancer in love has found a person who fits in with the family, is stable, and provides the constant reassurance that this sign loves and thrives on.

These are the key ingredients required to create the elixir of love that will capture the crabs heart and unlock the treasures within.


A Cancer in love will most likely have fallen for a person their family will admire. A Cancer with a happy childhood looks for love in the good boy/girl who fits right in with the folks at home.

Even Cancers who have undergone emotional estrangement from their families want a partner Mom or Dad would love-if only to show the clan how wrong they were not to appreciate the Crab. Those few who do choose someone their family doesn't like usually make that choice because the mate demonstrates enough strength for the Crab to cling to them in the face of parental disapproval.


With or without the parental seal of approval, you will exert more attraction for the Cancer if you can offer some sort of stability.

This doesn't necessarily mean wearing a suit to your job at the bank-your Cancer may be the sort whose taste runs to tattooed blue collar workers-but they want someone reliable. Their own inner lives are so full of change which mystifies even them, that they want a mate who gives them some sense of solidity.

A Cancer in love needs to know that they can count on you. This includes both emotional support and whatever practical contributions you make to their lives, whether that means bringing home a paycheck or keeping the house clean.

Unfortunately, many of the Cancer sign are unable to proffer this stability to their mates in return-they seek it precisely because they do not have it within them. Until they reach emotional maturity, their emotional subjectivity will prevent them from seeing this as hypocrisy.


Even a Cancer in love often have some sort of emotional hemophilia - they can't stop bleeding after someone has hurt them. Early wounds tend to cause them the deepest pain. If you can perceive the nature of your Cancer's deepest wound, and through your steady presence, acceptance and praise, offer a healing salve for their pain, they will see you in a haloed glow.


A Cancer in love tends to be very possessive of their mates. They want to know that you think about them when the two of you are apart-they read the tenderness, lustiness and frequency of your calls or texts to them as an index of your love. They want to be reassured that your attention remains focused on them so try to keep flirtation with others to a minimum.