Cancer: June 21 - July 21

The Cancer Man

Interested in a Cancer man? Don't expect to see into the depths of the soul of your Cancer man early in the relationship (unless you're a Scorpio); Cancer hides their secrets behind a hard shell, and rarely exposes them to anyone.

Some Cancers are in relationships for years before telling the stories of their youth, or their personal history; it will take a good deal of patience for you to really get to know his secrets. However, we know a few, and we are about to share them!

A little crabby

The expression "crabby" probably came from astrological descriptions of Cancer males when they are in a bad mood; it seems that nothing will make them happy or help them "lighten up."

You just have to give them a little time, and just like the phases of the Moon, they brighten up and amaze you with their loving care and intuitive, powerful minds. The main thing to remember here is that they are moods; impermanent and inconstant as the Moon itself.

Security is happiness

For a Cancer male, security and happiness go hand in hand. Throughout most of their lives, Cancer men seem to be almost obsessed with the pursuit of money; they fear poverty more than anything.

Some keep the oddest things to make themselves physically, emotionally or financially secure; your Cancer man may have childhood keepsakes, medical kits and emergency tools and bank accounts at the ready, just in case there is a sudden disaster or they begin to miss the days of their youth. The Cancer man is never stingy, but they are certainly not wasteful or frivolous in their use of money.

Many of them were they type of child who learned to read the "Wall Street Journal" before they got to high school, yet you might find a hidden copy of "Goodnight Moon" they've saved to read in case they have trouble falling asleep. Even if they decide to spend a little money to cheer themselves up, don't worry, they won't make a habit of it.

Devoted and loyal

A Cancer man is a devoted type, especially to his loved ones, and at the top of the list, you'll often find his mother. In fact, a Cancer male will almost never get involved with anyone who does not get along with his parents, and his mother is usually the one closest to him.

It's also true that most Cancer men are good cooks, and usually keep a friendly and congenial home. Many of them make a hobby of gardening, and given the right circumstances, will even grow fruit, herbs and other foodstuffs to make sure he's getting the best of the best.

You'll find a Cancer man to be very congenial and flirtatious, but his sensitivity and loyalty won't let him ruin his emotional security or his good name. Cancer men are also known to be sentimental, and pay attention to tradition.

If he cares about you, you'll know; he's generous with both gifts and affection, and his high standards won't be satisfied with a fast food snack when it comes to going out for a meal together.

Many Cancers are afraid of being used and then abandoned; this is why they seldom come on strongly in a way that assures you that you are the chosen target of his romantic interests, but when he lets you know, you can bet that he's made up his mind.