Cancer: June 21 - July 21

A Cancer Relationship

So you're interested in a Cancer relationship? Try and observe the moon regularly; its a good way to track the ever changing moods and emotions of this zodiac sign.

These moods are rarely hidden, despite the hard shell covering their emotional selves; they appear on their ever-shifting faces.

It's important to remember that the Moon isn't really changing; its apparent changes have to do with its relationship with the Sun and the Earth. The surrounding atmosphere, the conditions in the environment and the emotions with which you approach Cancer all affect them and their responses to you, but they remain pretty much the same person throughout all of this.

The good news is that they'll always be the person that you like, especially if you give them the opportunity to see to your needs.

They are fun people

One of the most amazing traits of a Cancer relationship is how much fun they can be. When they're not full of laughs themselves, they are laughing with you at whatever comedic situation the two of you find yourselves in.

Cancers are rarely spoil-sports or party poopers; when they are in a good mood, they can really light up the atmosphere with antics and jokes that may be quite surprising because of their normally quiet and peaceful moods.

The quality of reflection borne by their planet, the Moon, has an ample metaphor in their ability to shine when appealing to the deep emotions and ideals in others; they are incredibly sensitive to others, and often use this sensitivity to create an intimate atmosphere that usually appeals to their friends and mates like no other.

Even in old age, a Cancer person seems to know exactly what's needed to lift your mood or satisfy your palate.

Cancer relationships; the down side

The hardest part of having a Cancer friend is that when they are in a depressive mood or in bad health, their feelings are extremely contagious. They can throw a wet blanket on your warm disposition or rain on your parade so quickly that it's easy to think they are doing it on purpose.

It's also true that they are easily hurt by others; there's nothing sadder than watching a Cancer trying to put on a happy face when they find themselves in the presence of someone who has hurt them.

Cancer may be the most difficult sign to break off a relationship with and expect to remain friends; they have a really hard time letting go of both old joys and old wounds.

Cancer relationships; the bright side

In ancient times, the Water Signs were all said to be fertile, and Cancer's ability to nurture and care for others and their feelings is legendary. They can quickly size up your mood and come up with the solution almost instantaneously.

Some folks in a Cancer relationship may even feel a bit smothered by the kind of nurturing attention lavished on them, but it's hard to find fault with someone who has such a pleasant way of making you feel at home. Never worry about security when close to a Cancer; they are very good at making sure their loved ones are well taken care of.