Cancer: June 21 - July 21

The Cancer Woman

Interested in a Cancer woman? It can be a difficult task to figure out a Cancer woman. Her moods will shift with amazing rapidity. However, we can help.

You can rest assured that her moods are passing and are not a case of multiple personalities. Her imagination is likely to be off the charts, and this is likely to be reflected in her ways of making a unique experience of every encounter with her, whether intimate or social.

Down by the sea

Cancer women love the water. Lakes, oceans, beaches, waterfalls and even rivers are the places where she feels most at home. Many of them who are looking for mates frequent boat shows, marinas, and restaurants that overlook the water, and if you are courting a Cancer woman, make sure to put this kind of place at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a place for a date or a party.

She'd prefer a visit to the aquarium to an amusement park, unless the park has a water slide. If you live where there is no body of water around, at least find a restaurant with a fish tank as part of the decor.

She knows how to hold on to what she has

The typical Cancer woman is very good at holding on to whatever she acquires, and if she has taken a liking to you, it's not going to be easy to casually get rid of her, as if you'd want to.

She'll do everything humanly possible to keep your interest and your affection, and her powerful intuition and crafty intelligence will cause her efforts to seem almost supernatural in their effectiveness.

A Cancer woman is also good at holding on to money; she's one who knows how to save for a rainy day, and will do so, even if she lives in the desert. She may be the type who goes shopping when the going gets tough, but this is one of the things she enjoys as an occasional therapeutic treatment; it's not something she does by force of habit. Although Cancer is not as tight fisted as many other signs, they don't like wastefulness, and will not tolerate it in the one she loves.

She doesn't think it's a problem if you're not a millionaire, as long as you are working towards becoming one, but don't buy expensive presents for her; she can't stand the idea of her, or others living beyond their means.

What you don't want to do

There are a few things you want to avoid if the subject of your affection is a Cancer woman: they can't stand being criticized. Although gentle persuasion will usually influence her to do things differently, brash and overt criticism will make her say goodnight faster than you can put a period at the end of the sentence.

She doesn't like being made the brunt of jokes, and being rejected could put her in a crabby mood for weeks on end. Don't wait for a Cancer woman to pay you attention; they are seldom aggressive when it comes to approaching others, so it's important for you to make the first move.

Often they have fears about their appearance or personality, no matter how beautiful or congenial they might be; affectionately reassuring her of the beauty and seductiveness of her attributes is the magic formula that can bring her out of one of these dour moods.