Zodiac Love Matches

Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man

Our Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 4. The elements are not supportive of one another, and the qualities reinforce this discord. Among the planets, the co-ruler of Aquarius, is of an almost opposite nature from Saturn.

This is a very difficult match to reconcile, but it can be done.

The Elements

Earth vs Air - The Earth element, in Capricorn, is the source of Capricorn's solid convictions and material goals. The Air element of Aquarius represents flexibility and original thinking.

The Qualities

Cardinal vs Fixed - Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, and this quality represents ambition and leadership. The Fixed quality of Aquarius enables them to be firmly rooted in their ideas and thoughts, rather than focusing on material goals.

The Planets

Saturn & Mars vs Saturn & Uranus - Saturn is ruler of Capricorn; both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius. The Uranian influence on Aquarius represents it's break from tradition and balances the Saturn to develop humanitarian and imaginative ways of thinking and action. Mars is exalted in Capricorn; this shows that you tend to look up to strength and courage, yet the Aquarian Man's strength is used in innovative or creative pursuits.

Love and Romance

Aquarius is full of surprises and innovations, things that don't necessarily fit into a relationship with a Capricorn Woman neatly, but can help free you up for more intuitional and innovative ways of thinking you may have not explored. It's not as "far out" as you might think; the Aquarian Man's Saturn prompts him to focus on material projects and human needs. Aquarius Men don't really care about being respected by others, and don't engage in power-games, but have original and incisive minds that may be too curious or idealistic for your taste. You'll find that you need to enjoy the company of his friends. There are likely to be a wide variety of them, and they may come from varied backgrounds, but there's a good chance that he will need their conversation and ideas. Aquarian Men don't like to commit to most things.

The Keys to Success

Don't expect reliability out of the gate.

Aquarian Men have a reputation for being less than reliable. They also object to ideas like keeping up appearances in order to impress others. They can be somewhat unpredictable, and probably like it. Although he may be self-confident, he may need to make several changes in his attitude so that he can gain the respect of more "sensible" people. You'll have to do a lot of work to bring the forces into balance in this relationship.

Try to help ground his ideas in practicality.

You may have as many odd and unusual ideas as him, but the difference is plain. He will display them openly for the world to see, while you keep the majority of yours to yourself. Because of his gregarious nature and his lack of practicality, you may not trust him enough to tell even him about them. At the same time, because of your knowledge and determination, you may be the one responsible for grounding his ideas into a practical and useful form.

Don't expect commitment or promises quickly.

Aquarian Men have a problem with commitment and promises, because they are never sure whether or not they'll be able to keep them. They wonder how anyone can commit to some action when they don't know what sort of unavoidable issues may come up to prevent them from following through, or keep them from fulfilling the promises that are made. This does not usually apply once they are in a solid relationship. Nevertheless, it's important that you be aware of this problem that causes so much unnecessary confusion.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 40%.

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